BOYCOTT the Gift Guides

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Original Post

Rivkasmom says

Just say NO to favoritism, and use the (crappy) search like you usually do. If we really believe in fairness and equality, then we should just ignore the guides when we do our holiday shopping. We all deserve a chance to be seen, so let's stick together and tell admin that Gift Guides is NOT in the Spirit of Etsy!

*stands on my desk like Norma Rae*

Posted at 3:32am Nov 21, 2007 EST


its gotta be hard to be fair to to every1 when there are tooooooo many sellers

Posted at 3:34am Nov 21, 2007 EST

you're funny...*is* it favouritism, actually? Not that I've been able to see one, as there are glitches all the time, but how do they make up the gift guides, do you know?

Posted at 3:35am Nov 21, 2007 EST

Rivkasmom says

Admin picked out the sellers they liked. They basically juried the items, and if they didn't like you then they didn't make it in.

So yeah, it IS favoritism, and NO, I'm not being funny.

Posted at 3:37am Nov 21, 2007 EST

why cant it hold 60000 items one for each seller

Posted at 3:37am Nov 21, 2007 EST

they just gotten too big for thier own good

Posted at 3:38am Nov 21, 2007 EST

Rivkasmom says

BTW, I have no idea if I'm in it or not. I would still feel the same way, and I would ask to have my item removed, just out of solidarity.

The whole thing stinks.

Posted at 3:38am Nov 21, 2007 EST

maisybrown, the admins curate the gift guides with items they find through the treasuries, time machines, searching, etc. many of the items featured in the gift guides came from the poster sketches people created vying for the gift themed front pages (gifts for teenage boys, for example).

idk if i agree that there are "too" many sellers, but there are an awful lot. if you don't like the gift guides or think they are generally useless, don't use it i guess. i don't think i'd boycott it on principle though.

Posted at 3:38am Nov 21, 2007 EST

kfarrell says

Lets wait until the gift guides are up and running before we pass judgment on them, shall we?

To clarify a few things, I'm reposting this from a different thread:
The Gift Guides are by no means "closed" to anyone. The Gift Guides will continue to be updated with items on a daily basis.

These items are taken from all over Etsy. From the time machine, from the treasury, from search, from threads in the forums, everywhere. The lists are curated by admin, and we all have different ways of finding items.

We want these lists to reflect a diverse range of items, styles, tastes, and sellers. As human beings, it is impossible for us to be 100% impartial. We admit that. However we all do feel we have a responsibility to the community to be as fair and even-handed as possible. Because the guides are updated throughout the day by *all* of us admin, there are bound to be a few repeat sellers. We do track how many items each seller has in the gift guide, to make it easy to tell if perhaps we're all thinking a little *too* alike and need to make way for different sellers.

You can read the Storque announcement about Gift Guides here:

Posted at 3:40am Nov 21, 2007 EST

Boycott? Hmm. I buy tons of stuff here (far more than I sell) and I always come on it my own way... so I guess I can sign on for that. Easy to boycott what you don't use!

As far as I know the items are picked by admin, possibly based on their "Call for items" games they did earlier this month.

All that said, Etsy is really intimidating to a new user. There are about 40 different ways to find items. Many of them are selected in some way - Treasuries, front-page Treasuries, Showcases (self-selected), Featured Seller...

This is just more of the same, no more, no less. And if the items are good and they get people excited about Etsy, they'll make their way to all the other ways to find items.

That's the theory, I think.

OF course, I wasn't listed, so I guess I'm not one of the cool kids. Next year I'll do whatever the cool kids are doing to get picked, and then go back to what I really like. :)

Posted at 3:40am Nov 21, 2007 EST