Let me see if Ive got this right...

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Original Post

My heads a little fuzzy right now and Ive missed most of the drama about the GG. I tried to look at one but couldnt get to the 2nd page and now they're down.

To get on the front page featured treasury, you must have awesome pictures, awesome products and be friends with people on high speed who can jump on treasuries...besides the fact that Ive seen the same blurry photos up there more than once....ok...double- juried, once by treasury owner, once by admin.

To be a featured artist, you must be picked by admin- juried.

To be in a showcase- you have to buy your way in....

To be one of those floating heads...errr....items on the front page, you must be juried in by admin/software...

To get into the Gift Guides....you must be juried by admin...

So the rest of us have our fleeting 5 seconds on the new items on the front page....and our fleeting seconds on the front page of every category....till we're buried by the juried in people relisting their items....yes?

We have a search that almost every single user of etsy hates but admin likes ....Again, unless you are relisting like a madman, good luck being seen.

we have tons of flagged items still up in wrong categories or being sold as handmade and are not...but Etsy owners have their admin running around picking their bff's for the Gift Guides instead of fixing either the search or the flagged items...

We have little to no advertising done except on the backs of etsians (thank God my Adorn ads lead to my own website) or to people in the crafting/art business....

We have no way of finding out what is going on with Etsy unless we hang out in the forums obsessively....the Storque is such a mishmash of admin information and fluff that I dont know how we're supposed to even figure out whats going on...

????? did I miss anything?

its really disappointing that at such a crucial time for sellers, this is all going bananas...


Posted at 12:33pm Nov 21, 2007 EST



you put that one in perspective!

Posted at 12:35pm Nov 21, 2007 EST

yep you said it Brenda. I will not add any more to this conversation because I have been called a whiner enough in the past day I don't need to hear it any more :)

Posted at 12:35pm Nov 21, 2007 EST

bagsbyann says

well said.

Posted at 12:35pm Nov 21, 2007 EST

Well said Purple.

Posted at 12:38pm Nov 21, 2007 EST

Hmmm... I made it into a Storque article/gift guide for boys... and I'm by no means a bff of any etsy admin. They don't even bother to answer my posts when I have a genuine bug post.

I don't see the problem, truly, and I've been reading a lot of gift guide threads.

I'm perturbed about the lack of clarity on *how* the front page is selected, having created some treasuries I believe (and have been told by others) were worthy. I'm perplexed as to how the featured artist is selected.

Maybe I'm just naive, but I don't cotton to the conspiracy theories.

Posted at 12:38pm Nov 21, 2007 EST

PurplePeony says:
To get on the front page featured treasury, you must have awesome pictures, awesome products and be friends with people on high speed who can jump on treasuries...

I don't think that it's fair to say you need to be "friends" with people to be in a treasury. I just made a treasury (my first ever -- very exciting) and I really didn't even look at the names of the people I picked. I don't think I know any of them, and certainly none of them are my friends. But yes, they have awesome products and awesome pictures. I think THAT is the most important thing in general. And I think that's how to get noticed by admin.

Posted at 12:38pm Nov 21, 2007 EST

I don't completely agree with this post, but I thought you might be interested in posting some ideas here:


Posted at 12:38pm Nov 21, 2007 EST

She shoots, she scores....


Posted at 12:39pm Nov 21, 2007 EST

hojpoj says

Nicely stated.

Posted at 12:40pm Nov 21, 2007 EST