Another HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE --- Anyone Included!

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Original Post

As we all know, Etsy has a Holiday Gift Guide up at the moment. It truly is wonderful and shows off so many wonderful sellers... the major problem is they cant feature everyone!

I have put together a gift guide of my own, created with the favorite items contributed by other Etsy sellers. Come on over to to my blog to check out items by wonderful Etsy sellers who may not have made Etsy's cut, but definitely made mine!

Do you want to be included? Leave me a message HERE with a link to ONE item in your shop and a suggestion for who it could be for.

Have a happy holiday, and BUY HANDMADE!!


Posted at 9:34am Nov 22, 2007 EST


These earrings would be wonderful for any female 16 & older!

Posted at 9:37am Nov 22, 2007 EST

Thanks so much for including me in your gift guide. I have put it on my favorites. I need to shop for more gifts. Great Site!

Posted at 9:40am Nov 22, 2007 EST

Nice gift guide tootsiegrace! So beautifully set up! I have ornaments that would be a great wine bottle gift tag for the host of a holiday dinner, or for the unexpected last minute gift!

Posted at 9:41am Nov 22, 2007 EST

What a lovely blog you have, and what a kind heart you have, too, to include some great goodies that didn't make it into the GGs!

Here's one of my soaps, Desiree, sweetly scented and gentle on the skin, perfect for a Stressed Out Diva!

Posted at 9:46am Nov 22, 2007 EST

tributary says

Here's a great gift for a friend who rides their bike everywhere....a stitched bicycle clutch:

Posted at 9:48am Nov 22, 2007 EST

You did a wonderful job on your Holiday Gift Guide!

This pendant would make a nice gift for any female, teens- grandmothers.

Posted at 10:37am Nov 22, 2007 EST

Thanks Candy! And eveyone else who is contributing! I'm discovering so many great shops!

Posted at 10:46am Nov 22, 2007 EST

If it's not too late, I'd like to promote my daughter's shop, Sara's Scraps. She has nice scrapbooking and paper items-card, tags, albums.
here's one

Posted at 11:20am Nov 22, 2007 EST

raisinlike says

Great idea Tootsi, and what a nice shop too!

For those who are looking for a small stocking stuffer

Posted at 11:23am Nov 22, 2007 EST