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This idea was inspired by a seller yesterday who found themselves in 2 categories and not only offered to give up one of the spots; they recommended another great seller with an awesome shop and a product that fit perfectly in that particular guide.

I pledge to do the same and in the interest of creating something positive I hope you will join me and add your name to this list.

Admin, I hope you will take the lead in this. I figure is a perk of the job to be able to promote your own wonderful shops and that is fine, but I want to caution you to not take too much advantage of this. I say this with love, you are doing a great job and the gift guide concept is excellent. Just remember that the people who pay your bills are your customers so that means your customers are the sellers, not the buying public.

Since it is Thanksgiving, I want to also take a moment to say Thanks to Etsy, the community, the buyers and everyone who makes this site great.

Posted at 11:26am Nov 22, 2007 EST


cynmb says

makefuncrafts, that is just awesome!

Posted at 11:29am Nov 22, 2007 EST

"Just remember that the people who pay your bills are your customers so that means your customers are the sellers, not the buying public."

But we wouldn't be here if our the buying public wasn't here. I think Etsy's customer is anyone who buys here.

I'll add my thanks though!

Posted at 11:30am Nov 22, 2007 EST

cynmb says

Without sellers, there would be no buyers though :) And this buyer only is so grateful for the chance to interact with you brilliant people.

Posted at 11:31am Nov 22, 2007 EST

BeaG says

I pledge to celebrate when Etsy sees that I have different items that fit in different gift guides.
I will not offer any of my well earned spots up, because someone else thinks she/he should have it.
I advice everyone who wants to be in gift guides to make amazing products and get them noticed, so they will be featured.
I pledge to try and make other sellers understand that gift guides are not about 'giving each seller their fair share', but about showing an awesome representation to our customers of the wonderful products they can find at Etsy.
I join you in thanking Etsy for this fantastic venue and its wonderful features.

Posted at 11:32am Nov 22, 2007 EST

I'll salute this one! Good thread, with great wisdom!

Posted at 11:32am Nov 22, 2007 EST

cynmb-- ok, you're right:)

Posted at 11:33am Nov 22, 2007 EST

It's nice of people to sacrifice to help others. People who are kind to others often find that the good will increases their success.

Posted at 11:33am Nov 22, 2007 EST

Happy Thanksgiving, this just made my day. I am not in the guide, nor do I expect to be, but if I ever am, and you need my spot, just ask!

Posted at 11:35am Nov 22, 2007 EST

I was very moved by the people who offered to give up duplicate spots in the Guide in the pursuit of fairness.

Posted at 11:35am Nov 22, 2007 EST