$1000 on a 2 year old...

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Original Post

mamaziel says

for Christmas...


I think that is crazy.

There...I'm going to go prepare to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas.

I just needed to get that out...$1000 for a 2 year old.

Posted at 8:47pm Nov 27, 2007 EST


kcroteau says

I'm still shocked at the amount that is spent on my boyfriend for his birthday or Christmas. He's an only child and the only grandchild on his mom's side of the family, so his grandmother has no one else to spoil.
I just can't believe it because I'm one of three kids and although we weren't poor, my parents certainly didn't spend $600+ on each of us for Christmas.


Posted at 8:49pm Nov 27, 2007 EST

Is it a couple of awesome gifts though, or is it 999 dollar store crap kinck knacks?

Posted at 8:50pm Nov 27, 2007 EST

pandys says

At that age, one toy and they are happy. I found mine got overwhelmed with too much and didn't want to open anymore stuff....so we just do a few things and call it good.

Posted at 8:51pm Nov 27, 2007 EST

tiddlyinks says

We were considering $1000 for our child and $500 for each of my nephews....and then we looked at the bank account..tehe....how about $10 and $5 instead :)

Posted at 8:51pm Nov 27, 2007 EST

ho-ly crap.

I think that's a disaster waiting to happen.

Totally ridiculous.

Posted at 8:51pm Nov 27, 2007 EST

the bf and i are only giving each other a couple of things. we want to buy a house and that trumps x-mas gifts anytime!

Posted at 8:53pm Nov 27, 2007 EST

My 2 year old will get some clothes from me. His grandparents will getr him tons of toys, but I will just return them.

Posted at 8:53pm Nov 27, 2007 EST

Give em a big box - they will be happy!

Posted at 8:54pm Nov 27, 2007 EST

kahlaw says

When I was that age, my parents and grandparents bought so much stuff it apparently took 3 hours to open it all (didn't help that I opened and played with everything as I went). 18 years later, it's a nice memory for them, but I don't remember a single thing and would've been just as happy with a couple presents I'm sure.

Posted at 8:55pm Nov 27, 2007 EST