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lawd, i hope that made some sort of sense

Posted at 11:06pm Nov 29, 2007 EST

oh no

i killed it

and this was the most fun i've had all night

Posted at 11:15pm Nov 29, 2007 EST

CozyCat says

I think everyone just needed a breather :)

Posted at 11:17pm Nov 29, 2007 EST


stellaloella says:
Copies, duplicates, reproductions, whatever you want to call them -- they're all the SAME.

If I can buy "XYZ Awesome Earrings by Gemmafactrix" on Etsy, then you shouldn't link/post the URL to another website where I can purchase "XYZ Awesome Earrings by Gemmafactrix".


Gemma, if you sell variations on a theme, just give each variation a different name. Sell "More is More" rings here, and similar "Lots and Lots" rings there.

Posted at 11:19pm Nov 29, 2007 EST

What admin is saying is that you can not advertise another site that sells jewelry of any kind because you are not listing it here but for profit somewhere else. You can have another website, just not use Etsy for promoting it.

Posted at 11:22pm Nov 29, 2007 EST

RobWhite says

Here's a litmus test that I tend to use, that works in the context of our rules.

You bake 2 chocolate cakes (this targets no bakers, I'm just a big fan of food). You have your own website, and you list a chocolate cake on it. You've got your own cart there, and someone buys a chocolate cake. You come back to your Etsy shop and reduce the quantity of your listing, if you listed two cakes, or delete the listing entirely if you only listed one.

---If your situation fits this one, it's against Etsy policy to link your site in your Etsy shop. However, if you were to list a straight-up vanilla cake on your own website instead, same flour, same sugar, same eggs, same style of baking but NOT chocolate cake - that's not a problem, and you could link your vanilla cake sellin' shop without a worry.

Does this help?

Posted at 11:23pm Nov 29, 2007 EST

ebbandflo says

my business cards which go out with every sale i make anywhere have my website on it. there is a link to my etsy shop on my website but also links to other sites too

eventually i'd like to put all my promotional efforts into that website and stop wasting time here (nothing against ANYONE in this thread btw)

Posted at 11:24pm Nov 29, 2007 EST

mmm cake!

Posted at 11:25pm Nov 29, 2007 EST


Posted at 11:25pm Nov 29, 2007 EST