►►► TEXAS Treasure Hunt through 23 ETC street team shops!

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Original Post

ArtSpot says

Texas Treasure Hunt

By now everyone is familiar with ETC's awesome First Monday’s Sales event when dozens of ETC shops participate by listing fabulous sales in their shops. Since 1st Monday’s are so popular we thought we would give 2nd Mondays their day in the spotlight too! Starting this month we are introducing 2nd Monday’s Texas Treasure Hunt.

On the 2ND Monday of each month, ETC (Etsy Texas Crafters) will host a Texas size Treasure Hunt!

Treasure Hunt details:
►This month we want to Stuff Your Stockings Texas Style! Find Persival, Santa's #1 elf, as he guides you through his choices for perfect items to stuff your stocking with!

►Our Dec Treasure Hunt will begin at 12:01am on Dec 10Th & end at 12:00 midnight on that same day (Central time -- that would be 1:01am Monday to 1:00am Tuesday, Etsy time).

►To play, search participating ETC member shops to find a minimum of 10 items with the designated image in the items' photos.

►When you've found 10 or more items, convo your list of the URL addresses (links) for those items to ArtSpot.etsy.com

►If there is more than 1 correct entry, by the midnight deadline, all correct entries will be placed in a stocking & one winner will be drawn. If there are no complete & correct entries, the person with the most correct entries will be designated that month's winner. Winner will be notified/announced no later than midnight on Tuesday Dec 11Th.

►To view this month's participating shops, and to get a glimpse of Percival, please see our team website at www.etsytx.org/wordpress/

►ETC members are not eligible to win.

The more items you find and submit, the better your prize selection will be. The winner will get too *choose* 1 item from their submitted list as their prize!

In the event that the winner’s 1st choice of prizes sells during the contest, winner would have to choose another prize from their submitted list. Have fun hunting!

Tabitha, aka artspot.etsy.com, and the whole ETC Team

participating shops for Dec:

Posted at 12:24am Dec 9, 2007 EST


There's less than 3 hours until this Treasure Hunt officially starts -- have you started looking for Percival yet??? He should be making an appearance on our team blog very soon......

Posted at 10:03pm Dec 9, 2007 EST

He's somewhere hidden in my shop already, y'all!!! Get a head start...such a fun contest and some great shops...mosey on over and warm up to Christmas Texas style!!!!

Posted at 10:06pm Dec 9, 2007 EST

Christmas is coming....stocking stuffers that are handmade in TX, can't get any better than that y'all!!!!

Posted at 10:08pm Dec 9, 2007 EST

artbyjc says

He is in my shop , to !

Posted at 10:32pm Dec 9, 2007 EST

I've hidden that little man too; go find him! :D

Posted at 10:33pm Dec 9, 2007 EST

ArtSpot says

► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► TO VIEW PERCIVAL

If you are not able to view Percival on our blog (I had a report he was not showing up... go here...

Posted at 10:35pm Dec 9, 2007 EST

Yep, that little elf is hidden in my shop now, too, as well as in our team shop etsytexascrafters.etsy.com

Just find as many appearances of him as you can, in the shops listed above, and send the links of the items he's hiding in to artspot.etsy.com -- if you are chosen as the winner, you get to choose one item from our list as your PRIZE! Soooooooooo, the more you find, the more you'll have to choose from.

You can get a head start on your hunting, but the Texas Treasure Hunt does not officially start until 12:01am Monday, Central Time (that's 1:01am Etsy Time), and will run all day.

Winners will be announced no later than midnight Tuesday (Central Time).

And no, ETC members are not eligible to win....though feel free to hunt for fun!

Now, who's hunting?????

Posted at 10:38pm Dec 9, 2007 EST

Percival is hanging out in my shop! Come on in and take a look! Find him among the many stocking stuffer ideas!

Posted at 10:39pm Dec 9, 2007 EST

ArtSpot says

Milly, check oyur convos at the team shop please! Thanks, Tabitha

Posted at 10:40pm Dec 9, 2007 EST