My genetics textbook is making me very angry

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Original Post

Why do they need to make up fancy new terms for stuff? Just to sound smart???

I have three classes this semester in which I need to know population genetics, and evolutionary genetics. With it all drilled into my head, for three classes, I GET IT by now.

And I'm answering questions in the textbook to prepare for the genetics final and waddaya know, there's names for concepts that I've never heard before. Just randomly fancy new names for perfectly simple things that I already know.


If my textbook were a person, I'd want to smack him (it's most definitely a guy) across the face. He's so damn pompous and makes things overly complicated for NO REASON. I understood this stuff better in high school.


Posted at 9:53pm Dec 11, 2007 EST


MrsDragon says

Welcome to academia! ^_^

Posted at 9:54pm Dec 11, 2007 EST

Well, at least you can throw it across the room, and it can't object.

Posted at 9:55pm Dec 11, 2007 EST

BinarySoul says

Yurgle. Population genetics. Hardy-weinberg equation! Punnett squares! Chi Squared thingy...never ever did understand that one...

Damn hell i liked that course but some of it nearly broke my brain.

(wraps bubble wrap round your head...just in case.)

Posted at 9:55pm Dec 11, 2007 EST

Yeah, my wall might object though.

Posted at 9:56pm Dec 11, 2007 EST

"Hardy-weinberg" is like a swear word around here.


I'll be ok. I swear.

Posted at 9:56pm Dec 11, 2007 EST

I hated genetics. My professor was as pompous as your textbook. I have to try not to smack him.

Picture this...go into his office because I have no flipping clue how to do this particular assignment that is 45 percent of my grade....I say, I don't get this at all, I don't even know what to ask for a question because I don't even know how to start this project.

He says, I love genetics, I find it fascinating, not difficult. I created this project. I understand it. So, if you can't ask a question, I guess I can't give you any answers.

Posted at 9:56pm Dec 11, 2007 EST

yoboseiyo says

oh buglady.
i'm sorry....

i liked punnett squares. i was really good at those.

what degree are you getting?

Posted at 9:57pm Dec 11, 2007 EST

BinarySoul says

My text did the same, it randomly lists 4, or 5 steps for mitosis and my prof said "don't memorize this version of the binomial classification" which he then put on the test. Jerk!

Posted at 9:57pm Dec 11, 2007 EST

which book is it. i've got 'em all. i can't sell them because they're like battle scars. ;)

Posted at 9:57pm Dec 11, 2007 EST