Is anyone in need this season?

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Original Post

I was wondering if there were any people out there in need this season, or if you know of anyone that is in need.

There are people out there searching for help in a lot of ways during the holidays mostly. There are also people who are looking to help them in any way that they can.

Although there are countless amounts of awesome charities that dedicate their efforts all around the world, I think it would be even better if we can offer support, words of hope, prayer, possibly donations, etc. from our Etsy family.

Posted at 3:15pm Dec 20, 2007 EST


leeleeoh7 says

My SIL is in the hospital...

I need as many good thoughts and prayers as I can get.

I know there are more of us Etsians who need a little love...

Posted at 3:17pm Dec 20, 2007 EST

If anyone in the Portland, Oregon area has any bottles or cans they would be willing to donate, send me a ping. My wife and I have 2 young children and we are trying to survive on 1 income for a while. Any recyclable cans or bottles would help us greatly this holiday season!


Braided Light

Posted at 3:18pm Dec 20, 2007 EST

My car took a dump for the 3rd time this RA didn't especially love sitting in the cold waiting for a I can't move very well at all. Does anyone know about the electrical part of the car? I changed the alternator and the regulator and put a new battery in. We didn't change that part at the end of the positive cable though.

Posted at 3:20pm Dec 20, 2007 EST

JennyBunny says

Omg... BraidedLight... I love your stuff....

Posted at 3:27pm Dec 20, 2007 EST

leeleeoh7 says

Braided - I wished I lived nearer to help you.

Reflections - I wish I knew anything about cars other than how to change a tire!!

Posted at 3:33pm Dec 20, 2007 EST

JennyBunny says

wait... you changed the alternator... and the regulator... and a new battery... sometimes wires can just make everything go haywire... I'd change all the wires you can... And maybe talk to a mechanic you know about it...

Posted at 3:35pm Dec 20, 2007 EST

No problem leeleeoh, Thanks for starting the thread. This seems a good, compassionate place to share needs without fear of sounding like I'm whining :)

Posted at 3:35pm Dec 20, 2007 EST

good idea. It's nice to help people, esp. this time of year.

Posted at 3:35pm Dec 20, 2007 EST

And thanks, JennyBunny! I like the "Mutants" section of your store. Nice title!

Posted at 3:37pm Dec 20, 2007 EST