Is anyone in need this season?

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ravenwolf says

I know lavendar...I feel him all the time. I guess it sort of keeps me on my toes!

Posted at 12:44pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

junquete says

holys cow I made it to the end of the posts!! It took some doing and now I"m late for work. But since I am I want to add a pledge.
I am a hoarder and have so much stuff here. Wha tI do have to offer is three sets of Santa face and hands in porcelin,
I will post them tonight and if you buy one or all I will use that money to send others here that still need a little support.
None of it will get done before Xmas but I assure you will it will help after Xmas when people still need help!
Xmas is only one day and the needs don't stop there.

Posted at 12:45pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

OMG yes. me.

but more my son.

I don't talk about it, tho, but he's not getting a christmas this year, and my ex has already filed the papers to have me evicted from our house, and most of the sales I went to this fall were either rained out or a bust, and my brakes died so I couldn't do my $400 floral delivery job, and so I lost my bank account due to the mass of overdraft charges and then sunday my head gasket went, the day after my kitty Chewy dies, so my car sits in my driveway, and I can't do my $600 Christmas floral deliveries. and I'm 3 months behind on mortgage. And spent all day yesterday at a sale (5 of us) that we had been assured by the owner would be great...and three of us sold only 1 thing, because nobody was there.

It hurts horribly that me that my car died the day before I was going to take Zander to see Santa (he still believes, 23, with down syndrome and had been asking) -- even though Santa is not bringing him anything this year -- at least he could get a picture with him.

and I've been working really hard...just not getting anywhere.

I just don't talk about much of it. my friends don't know, because I'm too mortified for them to know how far down I've slid. and my boyfirend dumped me becuase he was tired of hearing about it all, and my ex scares him, even though he saaid "you have reason to talk -- I can't believe all that has happened to you this year". He was my confidant. And so now there's no one to hear. Because I don't want people to know, aand he was the one I had trusted.

I've even cashed out my entire retirement fund (i'm 59-1/2)-- but due to bureaucratic delays, the check will not come until the middle of January, and take 11 business days to clear because I have to open a new bank account then, since it got closed. I was to have come Nov 1, then Dec 1. and things have got more and more dire because of the delays. When the check comes, it will all go to buy out my half the house from my ex. At my age, you have to have something, or you'll end up on the street.

What I really, really, need, is a lawyer. and none is to be had...I've spent days trying, for months. and been to the free legal advice thing three times. But they will only answer questions. My ex has one, and doing evil things. And the court listened to his lies. When you get the courts involved, things can get really, really, bad.

This will be my only post on this. I just had to unload a bit. It's pretty hopeless.

I'm the one who always loved to help, and did. It's humiliating to be in the other situation.

Posted at 12:46pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

Yeah Lazybutt, good for you! Sew Sew Sew

Posted at 12:48pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

yes the healthcare/insurance situation in the US definitely needs some fixin'. That is the hardest part for us being self employed and having a largish family. There is just no way we can afford the coverage we used to get through my full time job. It would be around $1000.00 a month. We checked various companies too.

Posted at 12:48pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

oh SafetyThird, I am so sorry! Your tale has broken my heart! I am sending all the positive thoughts your way! Hang in there hon, and if you ever need to talk, feel free to talk to me! I have a great listening ear.

Hugs and more hugs!

Posted at 12:50pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

Yes Moda I try and make my teas as yummy as I can, but there are some herbs that are nasty tasting, so you add more honey or milk or creamer to make them taste better.

The pain tea has no naty herbs in it and I have reapeat customersd that say they cnat and wont live without it now as it works so wonderfully for them.

If you would like to convo me your address, I can scrap up enough small change for postage and send you a sample if you like.

Posted at 12:53pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

Oh yes, we've spoken before, LDH. If people wouldn't keep changing their avatars...I find it hard to remember who's who here!
The only thing keeping me and my business afloat are credit cards. Thank god I had them before my husband threw me out and then did all he could to see that I don't get another dime out of him, even though I have almost half the care of our child! The effer! He knew exactly how much I could get before he had to pay! Well, he's going to hear everything I think of him through his mommy who just moved up here to facilitate HIS breast-feeding! He's not tied to her apron strings, he's strangled by them! And she admits doing it! God, what psycho commies I married into!
Now I see my current BF having to do almost everything for his aging mom and fear we'll never live together until she dies! SIGH!
I'm $9,000 in the hole, all on credit cards...all since the accident monies ran out 2 years ago...

Posted at 12:58pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

Mavalili27 says

Ok guys, I am getting together a package for Lavender's niece, some clothes, some shoes, and some scrapbooking supplies. I know the shoes are going to be a little heavy, because Docs weigh a ton!

Is there anyone that would be willing to donate to a shipping fund? We can ship after Christmas so its cheaper, but how great would it be to overnight this so they get it for Christmas!!!

Posted at 12:59pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

Hugs all around!
I know it's just words on a computer screen, and it probably doesn't help at all...but thanks to those who have shared with us their heartache at this time. I'm sure it's not easy to talk about.
But you have people all over the world thinking of and praying for you.
May you have the strength you need.

Posted at 12:59pm Dec 21, 2007 EST