Is anyone in need this season?

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All my tissue holders have sold!! I've got 6 more coming. The rain gave me a nasty migraine but I've managed to make it tolerable so I will be getting those done and listed within the hour. This has just been amazing!! It makes me feel so good at a time when I had almost given up on humanity. Who knew what would come of Heather's question?

Posted at 5:43pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

Mavalili27 says

Ok I am back!!! Thanks to FickleFaerie and Leeleeoh7 for helping to pay with the shipping!!! I have one more listing up, but I can put more up.

Lavender, can you please convo me the address of your niece and whether you would prefer me to send it out today for overnight delivery (if so we need 30 more dollars worth of help!) or just a two day which we will need just a few more dollars.

Posted at 5:44pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

Wow -- sexyskins -- I feel for you. I went through simialr my self, which is why I ended up in this hole that I find myself in now.

And Mamamonkey -- I have your little boys in my heart. I remember back when you were pregnant, and your (middle?) son was your worry. I myself have put my own son through two open heart surgeries -- back when I had health insurance -- plus he has plates in his arm from two broken elbows. Once when his dad had a motorcycle wreck -- the court allows him to take him (despite weighing 225 pounds) on the back of his motorcycle!!!

I really appreciate the good thoughts and words I've received from people -- I've been off getting a few more listings up. I have one more hour before I have to leave to take the bus to hopefully pick up a rental to do holiday flower deliveries. Unfortunately, they want you to have more in your paypal than just the simple rental fee.

Back when I first posted, I said that would be my only one, but I've had such positive feelings here that I think maybe I can continue.

And...if you don't know, I'm also RunzwithScissors
unfortunately, I've neglected that shop as I've got shirts ready for the sales that got rained out!

Posted at 5:50pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

Mavalili27 says


I just finished with the Post Office, too late for next day, so I will be shipping the package out tomorrow morning, on a two day, so I think she will probably be getting it Thursday? I hope!

I will also post pictures so those of you who donated will feel rested knowing what she is getting.

I will keep you posted as soon as I hear from Lavender!

Posted at 5:54pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

And I thought my ex was unreasonable! He's at least got a real car!

Posted at 5:55pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

SexySkins, I SO want one of those tops!
I'm convoing you!

Posted at 5:58pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

Mavalili needs someone to buy one more 2.00 shipping to help pay for the gift they are sending to....I forget,lol. Done so many that I forgot but its back there someowhere!

Posted at 6:02pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

moda -- it's unbelievable.

He takes muscle relaxers because of a back injury, and is alcoholic, getting worse each year. The court doesn't care. They call that "different parenting styles" -- I send my son to his dad -- he comes back with the same excsct clothes on, including underwear.

I spent every penny I had, back in the day -- $30,000 went to my lawyrer, who failed miserabley, and just was a big BS blowhard. When all the money was gone, I sank deeper in the hole. Ex is very litigious, and actually has/had a good lawyer -- good Mormon men, who are really on the dad's side, unfortunately, as part of their culture.

He believes that I got a ton of money from my dad's death -- unfortunately, it was not that much, and went to lawyers and evaluators and such -- $225 or $300/hour gets used up pretty quickly. Had I known then what I know now, I would have been brutal. I just tried to be reasonable, which meant failure.

But that was then.

Posted at 6:03pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

I don't need anything but prayers. I lost my job of 6 years last month after the church I was working at determined they were not making enough income to pay me. Not even 2 weeks after this my car's clutch went out and we are without a car. I have received an awesome wholesale order from a wonderful lady and that is keeping us going. As for my three little ones, my family in NY sent them gifts and I didn't mind that we had a smaller tree or less activities, I am teaching them the real meaning of christmas this year, not all about the gifts. We will be moving in the week following Christmas in with my Mother In Law which I hope will relieve some stress. Thanks for starting this thread.

Posted at 6:05pm Dec 21, 2007 EST

hugsssssssssssssssssssssss safety....... for you and your son..

Posted at 6:06pm Dec 21, 2007 EST