Printing on American Apparel Vs. Hanes or other cotton T's

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bumblesea says

I never had an issue with AA shrinking. it was just that they were too damn small in the first place. when I sold my very first shirt the customer emailed me telling me that the shirt would only fit a toddler. their sizing is absolutely ridiculous. I'm super skinny and I can hardly fit in a medium.

Posted at 3:35pm Dec 24, 2007 EST

DandMO says

If the other brand said that they were organic,than they are probably not. anything grown withought pesticided yeild a softer and longer yarn thus smoother.

Posted at 4:22pm Dec 24, 2007 EST

happify says

American Apparel's owner is a misogynist and I avoid purchasing American Apparel as much as possible because of how he treats his employees and his general attitude towards women.

Alternative Apparel DOES NOT TREAT WORKERS RIGHT, at least according to their website. They don't pay a living wage -- they promise to adhere to the lowest possible standards in the countries in which they operate. Their labor standards are far below what I would consider adequate. According to what they write here:, they only pay overtime if mandated by local laws. I've emailed them trying to find out more, but they've never responded.

I'm currently trying to find a tshirt manufacturing company that meets basic human rights standards since Apparel Agents folded, but I'm having very little success.

Posted at 5:09pm Dec 24, 2007 EST

TweedleBee says

When I worked at a silkscreen shop, we used Hanes Ringspun whenever possible because they fit better and didn't shrink as much. Thicker cotton too!

Posted at 5:14pm Dec 24, 2007 EST

I won't buy American Apparel anymore. The sizes are ridiculously small. In no sane universe is a woman's large almost too small for someone my size.

Posted at 5:18pm Dec 24, 2007 EST

My favorite source for sweatshop free t-shirts is They do wholesale orders, carry organic cotton tees, and they also make sneakers. They are also the only place I know of that has a list of where all of their produces are made and working conditions and pay rates at each facility.

Posted at 5:19pm Dec 24, 2007 EST

suantova says

I use to have my own t-shirt screen printing company back in the mid 90's and I found the best t-shirts where made by a company called Oneida. AA t-shirts, yuck. :-)

Posted at 5:21pm Dec 24, 2007 EST

happify says

In defense of American Apparel's sizing -- I'm not a super-small girl (short, but busty) and American Apparel's shirts are sized so that I can find ones that actually fit me (I'm a small in their sizing).

I'm pissed that no tshirt company finds it necessary yet to offer sizes for small and large women and all those inbetween.

Posted at 5:21pm Dec 24, 2007 EST

kaylah7 says

I will only buy AA shirts.

Posted at 5:22pm Dec 24, 2007 EST

I'm tall and thin, so American Apparel shirts just hate me. The men's sizes are the only ones that don't become midriff baring with the slightest movement.

Posted at 5:23pm Dec 24, 2007 EST