What do people mean by destash?

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Original Post

Does this ONLY refer to supplies that are part of your personal collection that you are selling off?

Do you use destash as a "tag" too?

I'm going to be selling off some of my vinatge beads next week, and want to make sure that I'm using the tags properly. Etsy seems to have its own language sometimes! :)

Posted at 12:52am Jan 1, 2008 EST


jmillen says

Yes it applies to supplies.
For me, destashing would mean getting rid of yarn.
BUt I would never do that!

Posted at 12:53am Jan 1, 2008 EST

yes, destashing should only refer to the items you have in your personal collection that you're wanting to rid yourself of.

I think the tag might be a good idea. I've never really thought of that before.

Posted at 12:53am Jan 1, 2008 EST


Posted at 12:54am Jan 1, 2008 EST

iwantitnow says

I have been clearing out all sorts of supplies that I am not using anymore. I've been tagging with destash and using de-stash as the first word in the title. I've been doing that to indicate that it is a one-time type deal and a bargain to just clear things out.

I've heard though that others are buying large volumes of supplies to get a better price and plan to keep some and de-stash the rest. But to me you don't buy something just to destash it.

Posted at 12:57am Jan 1, 2008 EST

hmm... my definition of destash....

I list the items I have bought in the local stores, that I hoped to use oneday for crafting... instead the items filled my room to over capacity and I found I no longer did that craft... My parents yelled! CLEAN YOUR ROOM! So I tell them.... I can't I have all this stuff listed on Etsy for people to buy from me so I can recoupe my losses for paying premium price for it, and once it is sold I won't ever do that craft again....

Posted at 12:58am Jan 1, 2008 EST

the only problem... they don't know I haven't listed it yet!

Posted at 1:00am Jan 1, 2008 EST

AliciaMae says

i use the tag in my supplies store, and i use it to refer only to excess supplies i am removing from my stash...anything that is handmade by me for the purpose of being a supply or something i bought excess of for the purpose of resale or splitting up is not tagged with that, though i understand some people have different definitions :) lol

Posted at 1:01am Jan 1, 2008 EST

In my case it would just be excess supplies I'm removing from my stash - I've had some beads for years. Once I sell off my older beads I'll just buy more new beads. As if I don't have enough new beads, too. :)

Posted at 1:07am Jan 1, 2008 EST

Design4u says

v. To rid ones self of excess items that they do not wish to use any longer for whatever reason...:-) lol. I'm tired it is after 1 am.

Posted at 1:08am Jan 1, 2008 EST