what does convo mean?

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There are two ways to communicate on here, with convo, where it says contact seller, or if you sell something there is their email to communicate that way. Convo means communication. Good luck and welcome.

Posted at 1:24pm Jan 1, 2008 EST

Thank You!

Posted at 1:26pm Jan 1, 2008 EST

thank you so much everyone:)

Posted at 1:55pm Jan 1, 2008 EST

You can "convo" (contact, initiate a conversation) with any Etsy member by clicking on the "contact" link in the sidebar of their shop or profile. If a seller writes "convo me", "convo-friendly" or anything similar in their announcement, profile or item descriptions it means that you can contact them this way. Welcome to Etsy!

Posted at 2:03pm Jan 1, 2008 EST

eileenkap says

Thanks for clearing that up!

Posted at 3:20pm Jun 3, 2014 EDT

Wow, 2008! Before I was even on etsy.

Yes, when I first got on etsy, 5 years ago, my daughter was watching me edit a listing and I had said "Please convo me if you have questions."

She says "What's CONVO?"

Etsy-speak for conversations. Etsy's internal email system.

And it's VERY convenient!

Posted at 3:23pm Jun 3, 2014 EDT

Mimmylove says

Thank you! So new to this.

Posted at 12:48pm Jul 11, 2014 EDT

still new here, opened new shop and just curious about what is convo mean.
and here, I got valuable answers
thanks for all of your information

Posted at 11:23am Jan 20, 2015 EST

Sue says

Welcome to Etsy!

Posted at 11:27am Jan 20, 2015 EST

Conversations are Etsy's email system.

Posted at 11:28am Jan 20, 2015 EST