Opportunity to be on a Crafting TV pilot

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Original Post

Vanessa says

Hey crafty Etsians! I don't personally know much about this show so I can't personally vouch for it, but I think it sounds like fun and if you've always wanted to be on a reality show, this might be a fun chance!

The internet TV "web experience" producers got in touch with me through a friend. They wanted me to get a forum thread going for them: to put out a call the craftiest people who can make things out of seemingly nothing on the fly. "interesting craft-experts. Some one who can follow through, has an approachable personality, appearance, and can make anything."

Paste links to your finest work below, stuff that would catch the producers' attention. They will be looking through this thread.

More details from the producers:
The crafters can be located anywhere. We’d even prefer some non-New Yorkers too.

Right now, the project is a test pilot, but we hope it will be a success so we can continue it.

We will be created a mini video where they will be the star. So we are looking for a great personality and the right craft skill too.

I would love to see samples of their work, too if they can paste that.

I would need to get back to you on payment or promotion of their sites/work. I am sure we can figure something out.

Posted at 7:33pm Jan 3, 2008 EST


luv4sams says

Sounds interesting.....

Posted at 7:35pm Jan 3, 2008 EST

luv4sams says

I hope you find the right person - I'm sure there are some great choices on etsy!

Posted at 7:35pm Jan 3, 2008 EST

Sounds like a lot of fun! :D

Posted at 7:41pm Jan 3, 2008 EST

I am an art teacher from Indiana. I have also started a blog where I Spotlight unique artists, Etsy Sellers, and Craftsmen and women!


Posted at 7:41pm Jan 3, 2008 EST