Looking for ATC or ACEO Artists

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Original Post

Hello :)

I am an elementary school k-5 art teacher, who is teaching 3rd-5th grade students about ACT and ACEOs. I have student make their own ATC (Artist Trading Cards). After most of our units about the artist, art style, or culture we are learning about. Students are making many ATCs throughout the school year and having a trading party at the end of the year where they will trade with other students.

They have been asking me about "real" artists (that would be you all) who make these cards and what "real ATCs" look like.

We are even planning to have a Family Art Night where students can make ATCs with their families. I would love to show off your beautiful work and would help both students and parents understand what ATCs are.

My question is...

I am wanting to see if there are any of you ATC or ACEO artists out there that would be willing to donate a few of your cards so I can show to my students the different artists and types of art there are out in the world. Students could not believe that others from different countries and all over make these.

I would love to even exchange students' cards for some of your own!
For your help in return I will not only hand out links and information about you and your shop at the art night, but also feature you in my blog.


If you are interested in helping please convo me to exchange information or ask questions. Thank you for your time and your help!


Posted at 9:32pm Jan 6, 2008 EST


4Heartz says

I'm interested! I'm fairly new to ATC's started exchanging at a local shop that had ATC Trading meetings. But haven't made cards in several months due to trying to get my jewelry site going.

Would love to help out and donate some cards to your students!

Posted at 9:42pm Jan 6, 2008 EST

are ATC's business cards?

Posted at 9:43pm Jan 6, 2008 EST

They are Artist Trading Cards (miniature artworks, print, etc that are the size of a trading card, baseball card). There are more specifics than that, but that is the short answer :)

Posted at 9:45pm Jan 6, 2008 EST

I am in, I will convo. There are awesome sites that feature ATC's. Just Google ATC and you will find lots!

Posted at 9:48pm Jan 6, 2008 EST

Oops, there's more.
I don't have but 3 in my shop right now, but I have some on my work table in "create" mode. I have a really cute one, for teachers. I would be happy to donate that one.

Posted at 9:50pm Jan 6, 2008 EST

That would be wonderful and much appreciated. Convo me and I will exchange information with you. Thank you for your time and interest!

Posted at 9:51pm Jan 6, 2008 EST

JaredKS says

What a great idea. I'll be happy to participate. :)

Posted at 9:52pm Jan 6, 2008 EST

I might be interested but would like to know details about the timeframe--when you'd need them by...feel free to convo me.


Posted at 9:54pm Jan 6, 2008 EST

dmriceart says

Check here for people...!

I can post a link to this thread there, and in our group!



Posted at 9:54pm Jan 6, 2008 EST