Looking for ATC or ACEO Artists

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Received two wonderful packages today of cards. Thank you to all who have donated so far.

For those of you interested in the book about the project feturing ACEO/ATC artists and students, check out this thread and the book blog! I just got approval from my principals today!



Posted at 2:30pm Jan 29, 2008 EST

Be one of the many artists donating a card or more to this amazing project! Here is the list of shops/people who have donated and I have received so far!


Thank you to all who have participated so far and to those who have ACEO and ATCs on the way!

Convo me if you are interested in helping or being a part of the book!

Posted at 3:43pm Jan 29, 2008 EST

Looking for ACEO and ATC Artists for my promotional and educational book inspired by this project.




Posted at 11:06pm Jan 29, 2008 EST

I'm interested so count me in. I found out about this from Ambitions Design and together we are working on some aceo's to send. What will the kids do with the cards? Maybe they could be gifts for Mothers Day ?

Posted at 9:53am Feb 1, 2008 EST

Awesome Marie! I am glad that she told you about this. It has gotten really big since starting this thread! I will fill you in!

It is now being called PROJECT ATC. Artists from all over the world are sending ACEO and ATC cards to help teach students about ACEO art (this is not something typically taught in elementary art class, but I do).

By seeing a variety of cards, it is my hope that students will be inspired to keep this art alive and find a type of card that they love to create. These ATCs and ACEOs from artists show students that they do not have to just craw on a card... they can use different materials and things that can be glued to the card or make cards out of.

I have been inspired by this project to create a book about artists inspiring students to create art. It is called, "Create. Collect. Trade. A Collection of Artist Trading Cards Created by Artists and Students." The book will feature 25 artists and 25 students inside.

I would like to take this project and book to our statewide art education conference to present and sell the book. It is my hope to be able to present the project at the National Art Education Assoc. Conference in 2009.

I am distributing nationwide in a variety of ways. I am also talking to a publisher as well, but will have more information on that as soon as I have it.

There will be a Family Art Night for ATC trading cards coming up soon that will be getting media attention. I have also been talking with ACEO Magazine who will be promoting the book project as well though their web, magazine, and newsletter. They will also be a part of the book!

This is a great opportunity for artists to use this book as a promotional tool and a keepsake of their work! Not only are you promoting yourself, but you are also inspiring and helping student artists.

Thank you for your time and the kids and I cannot wait to see what you have made!
Below is more information if you would like to look into this further!

View the listing and full information about participating:



Posted at 2:38pm Feb 2, 2008 EST

Sounds really cool! I have a really noce one that I haven't listed yet called "birches at night" I could send you.
It looks a little bit like my "Nightscape" piece from my shop.
Convo me with the addy and the like if you're still interested.

Posted at 2:41pm Feb 2, 2008 EST

You have an awesome shop!

I like the God's Eyes one! One of my students used about 10 ACEOs to make a huge face.... it was such a clever idea for a 3rd grader!

I convoed you. Thanks for checking out Project ATC!

Posted at 2:46pm Feb 2, 2008 EST

Gypsycaster just created a really cool treasury west featuring ACEO artists!

Check it out!


Posted at 3:12pm Feb 2, 2008 EST

gorjuss says

how will the book be distributed, how many published?.. etc etc?

Posted at 3:19pm Feb 2, 2008 EST

This thread is for the original PROJECT ATC where artists have donated over 150 Artist Trading Cards and ACEOs so far.

This is the thread for the book and information about where it is going, promotion, etc...


I will convo you with more information, but here are the links...

View the listing and full information about participating:



Thanks for checking it out! I love your shop and prints BTW!

Posted at 3:25pm Feb 2, 2008 EST