i need shops for volume 3 of my promotional book...

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Original Post

the first 2 volumes were a huge success, with 70 artists from around the world. now it is time for volume three!!

the handbook to handmade is a monthly volume of 35 artists and their shops...this makes a great coffee table book. This book also makes a great promotional tool to promote your shop and ETSY.

the handbook is sent out to each of the 35 artists for them to use it as a promotional tool.

listing in my shop...



Posted at 4:07pm Jan 7, 2008 EST



Posted at 4:15pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

Wow, sounds like a great project. I'll take a look at the blog. I love your shop! Especially the Les Paul coffee table.

I can't wait to learn more about the book!


Posted at 4:17pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

abbi11883 says

so how exactly would someone take part in this?

Posted at 4:17pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

orangebead says

so u just need artiest??

i would love to be in it..but not a artiest...

Posted at 4:18pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

BraidedLight...thanks...wow you black and whites are awesome...

here are to photographers from volume 2



Posted at 4:20pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

abbi11883...you have to buy the listing in my shop...your shop and pics look great btw!

Posted at 4:21pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

orangebead...oh you are an artist!! i need etsy shops/artists!!

Posted at 4:22pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

abbi11883 says

oooh lol :) ok

Posted at 4:22pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

here is what BauerDesigns from volume 1 said:

"Awesome book!! Very well made, great design and talk about super fast creation. I swear Timothy broke records in the time it took him to gather the art, design the book and print it. Lightening fast! Great mix of artists, I'm so happy I could be included in the bunch. I highly recommend TimothyAdamDesigns, a true Etsian!"


Posted at 4:24pm Jan 7, 2008 EST