legal liability of selling lip balm

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Original Post

Is there any legal liability or risk to selling something like lip balm or any other skin products on etsy? For example, if you make lip balm and sell it, and someone has an allergic reaction to it, can they sue you? My husband and I were debating this.

Posted at 11:41pm Jan 7, 2008 EST


i dont think there is for lip balm- but check out the FDA website to be sure

Posted at 11:42pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

i have no idea, but your avatar is the best!

Posted at 11:43pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

i would however, get insurance either way, with products like that

Posted at 11:43pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

beadkiss says

I read about this several years ago, when I was making some stuff as a hobby. What I read back then indicated that someone COULD sue for a poor reaction. The site recommended liability insurance for this.

It scared me away from pursuing it any more than a hobby. I share with close friends/family, and that's it.

Posted at 11:43pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

Most sellers here list what the ingrediants are. If someone have allergies of any sort I should hope that they would only buy from those sellers who have listed ingrediants as opposed to "mystery" balms. I bought some here. They clearly list all the ingrediants and they are awesome.

Posted at 11:44pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

quirkybags says

People will try to sue about anything! It's sad, but unfortunately true. It couldn't hurt to research the possibilities, obtain insurance and talk to a lawyer.

Posted at 11:46pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

SweetWolf says

I was actually just wondering that today on my drive home....good question! maybe the Etsy lawyer will chime in.

Posted at 11:47pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

That is what insurance is for
I have it for my soap making its covers cosmetics as well

Posted at 11:47pm Jan 7, 2008 EST

all small businesses should have general liability anyway.

Posted at 11:49pm Jan 7, 2008 EST