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littlebitsys makes a great point (pg 6). This is one of those things that requires some case-by-case examination to determine if something fits into the rules of not. I'll do my best to explain the basics, but please keep in mind that specific items may fall into different shades of this gray area. This is about finding a balance between the focus of Etsy being handmade goods and what it means to "hand-assemble" something from commercial components. Here goes...

Gift baskets made entirely of non-handmade (commercial) goods including a non-handmade container are NOT allowed.

A gift basket that mixes some non-handmade (commercial) goods with your original handmade items is generally ok -- IF your handmade goods are the majority/focus of the overall product. The commercial goods are a "bonus" in this situation. (This is similar to including a non-handmade makeup brush in a set with handmade makeup. It's like a free gift with purchase.)

Gift baskets or sets comprised entirely of your own handmade goods (including the container) are totally a-ok!

Diaper cakes are a unique situation. They're different than a standard "put stuff in a basket" gift basket, since they require creative crafting to sculpt the components into a cake.

Posted at 10:33am Jan 9, 2008 EST

Adornyourself says:
so miscelena I can take anything..stick a ribbon on it and mark it up 20 dollars and call it handmade...sorry i just don't buy that...well and WON"T buy that LOL

I'm just playing devils advocate here and this is a bit off topic but what is the difference between the boxes miscelemna makes and, like i said before putting beads on an earwire?? (in reference to diaper cakes).

Etsy has stated before that as long as it is "altered" by hand its is considered handmade. I mean potters don't make their own clay usually right?

Everyone who make something has to start with SOMETHING that is not handmade.

But really this whole post was off topic of the GIFT BASKET issue.....

Posted at 10:34am Jan 9, 2008 EST

Oops, I forgot to finish my thought about diaper cakes...

Yes, they're allowed (for the reason I stated above).

Posted at 10:35am Jan 9, 2008 EST

jellibat says

a diaper cake or bunch of rolled up store brought towels with a commercial teddy bear stuck on top and a tin of baby powder all held together with a ribbon, are just commercial gift baskets, and not hand made, barley in that mythical spirit of etsy i imagine.

but if the person makes all items that they make the "cake" from,
eg : hand made/embroidered towels,
home sewn cloth nappys (diapers), hand knitted teddybear, and a handmade soap (for eg,)
that would be ok

im sure the baby / mums and dads/ kids street teams on etsy would be allowed to get together and make a gift basket of thier collective handmade items that they actually made as well.

Posted at 10:37am Jan 9, 2008 EST

dejavu says

Thank you Stella! You have clarified the situation well (without boxing yourselves in - understandable).

That is how I have always thought Etsy stood with respect to gift baskets. The "focus" of the product for sale is the key point, IMO.

Posted at 10:38am Jan 9, 2008 EST

thanks lauren... :)

So basically flag everything and let admin decide??? :) lol

Posted at 10:38am Jan 9, 2008 EST

Yay! I'm glad my diaper cakes are ok!§ion_id=5024084

I sure would be bummed hearing that they were not handmade, considering all the time I put into handrolling all the diapers, assembling it together, and designing it.

I mean, it's the same concept as making jewelry, the beads and findings may not be handmade, they're just assembled together, which does make it handmade (just like the diaper cakes!)

Posted at 10:39am Jan 9, 2008 EST

jellibat says

oops stella answered before i posted

i cant believe completley commercial item diaper cakes are allowed

Posted at 10:40am Jan 9, 2008 EST

jellibat says

Im gonna start making tee shirt cakes then

Posted at 10:41am Jan 9, 2008 EST

ps, admin may want to do a search on this.....

Posted at 10:41am Jan 9, 2008 EST