If I do a Google Search, my items don't show up

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Original Post

MoonMystic says

Why if I do a google search for my items, other Etsian's items show up, but mine don't. How is anyone going to find me? Even if I add "etsy" to the search. . . nothing.

Examples: Sodalite Necklace
Leopardskin Jasper Necklace
Moonstone Necklace

Posted at 12:17am Jan 10, 2008 EST


it takes time for search engines to prioritize you at the top of searches.

Posted at 12:19am Jan 10, 2008 EST

LittlePods says

I dont know, but I sure would like an answer to that, because mine don't show up either.

Posted at 12:20am Jan 10, 2008 EST

it goes by page popularity or something like that

Posted at 12:20am Jan 10, 2008 EST

kfarrell says

Since google works on indexed information (meaning they crawl Etsy periodically and store the information on their servers rather than go out to Etsy every time you search), newly listed items may not show up in google.

There's a lot of info that goes into how Google ranks their results, including how many other websites (and which ones) link to a page. The shops that show up at the top of the Google results often will have been featured on another site, giving their item more "importance" in Google's rankings.

The best way to improve your chances of coming up in a google search is to promote your work off etsy. If you're concerned with bringing traffic to your items from within Etsy, make sure you have clear photographs and descriptive titles/tags. That way when someone uses the Etsy search function, they'll be able to find your items :)

Posted at 12:27am Jan 10, 2008 EST

MoonMystic says

Thanks. I try to be very descriptive and hit all the really necessary words, but it just seems like it should work better.

Posted at 12:36am Jan 10, 2008 EST

MoonMystic, I've found if I put quotes around the words in a search I don't find my scarves via Google as readily as if I don't use quotes. Maybe you were using quotes, too? :)
Best of luck to you!
Celeste (Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves)

Posted at 12:53am Jan 10, 2008 EST

MoonMystic says

I didn't use quotes. I just seems to be a bizarre phenomenon. Sometimes I would copy and paste the exact title of my necklace or earrings into the google search and it still wouldn't show up. I don't get it.

Posted at 1:09am Jan 10, 2008 EST

Thanks, kfarrell! I'll be referring to this thread often! :)

Posted at 1:26am Jan 10, 2008 EST

google takes time to find your work. and sodalite necklace isn't very descriptive. how many sodalite necklaces are for sale or even featured online at any given second? it will find your work. just give it some time. :-)

Posted at 1:31am Jan 10, 2008 EST