Ebay vs Etsy....... Ebay won.... :(

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Original Post

I posted a Necklace on Ebay and here on Etsy - www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=8795556

and had the same price, same title, same description.. well the one on Ebay has a bid on it after 3 days. I love Etsy - but I do much better on Ebay.com

Love to hear your thoughts on this.....



Posted at 12:34pm Jan 11, 2008 EST


aren't the fees way higher though? and doesn't it take a million times longer to list?

Posted at 12:35pm Jan 11, 2008 EST

I've had the exact opposite - an item posted on Ebay will sit there for a week and get maybe 20 views. And cost $1.50 to list.
for the same price, I get to list it in Etsy for a year, and get a hundred or more views a month.

Posted at 12:36pm Jan 11, 2008 EST

I don't do well on eBay for jewelry or supplies. Others do. It always seems a waste of fees for something that is not only underpriced, but doesn't sell either. And if it does sell, I'm always in a panic that no one else will outbid and it will go for dirt cheap.

Posted at 12:36pm Jan 11, 2008 EST

I haven't posted much on ebay. I suppose if I put as much effort into it as I do my etsy shop, it may pay off. I'm glad you were able to sell your neckalce!

Posted at 12:37pm Jan 11, 2008 EST

im just concentrating on etsy , but i do have to sell some things on ebay soon that i can't sell here!

Posted at 12:37pm Jan 11, 2008 EST

Hapslappy says

it's tough. They both have good and bad points. I felt the same way at first, but then I got into the question of how low can you start a bid without screwing yourself if only one person bids? And then, if you make it higher and nobody bids your fees are astronomical. In the end, Ebay just made me feel sad and unfulfilled.

Posted at 12:38pm Jan 11, 2008 EST

I have never sold ANY art on ebay, I tried....

my prices were lower, the fees were outrageous and not one sale.

while here I have sold over 1860 things.

I think you need to build up a reputation on ebay before the sales start

Posted at 12:39pm Jan 11, 2008 EST

I do have decent luck selling non-jewelry items on ebay. I sell comic books there, and old record albums.

Posted at 12:39pm Jan 11, 2008 EST

62suebu says

I have sold lots of items on Ebay...but I have found it hit and miss.I have mostly sold old jewelery, so that I could invest money into ETSY.

Posted at 12:39pm Jan 11, 2008 EST