Calling All Etsy Street Teams-Etsy One Million Photo Pool

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Original Post

Hello Etsy Street Team Members!

AREtsy Street Team is putting on A Million Photo Pool Challenge on Flickr. The goal is to upload a million pictures into this Flickr Group:

This challenge is open to every Etsy Seller. On the side to this Challenge, we thought it would be fun to challenge each and every Etsy Street Team to participate.

A friendly competition, to see which team as a whole can upload the most pictures into the Etsy Million Picture Challenge.

All you have to do to be a part of it is:

Send out a message to your street team, telling them of the challenge.

Be sure all your members put the name of your street team on each picture as a tag (this is how we track how many pics are uploaded)

Post the name of your street team on this post:

Let's have fun and see how fast we can reach One Million Pictures!

Posted at 4:46pm Jan 12, 2008 EST


If anyone has any questions, please come to this board:

or send me a convo! Hope your teams will take part!

Posted at 4:51pm Jan 12, 2008 EST

We are already up to 1804 pictures uploaded and 90 members! Come and join us!

Posted at 5:07pm Jan 12, 2008 EST

Flickr is down for the moment, but when it went down we were two away from 2000. Hope your team comes and jumps into the Picture Pool!

Posted at 7:42pm Jan 12, 2008 EST

So far Freethinkers and AREtsy have joined in the fun.

For those members who are in two or more teams, Whatever amount of pictures they contribute, half (or divided evenly, if in more than two teams) should go to each team. It is up to the contributor for this though, If they feel like one team needs more pictures they could contribute all their pictures to the one team (the control is really up to them)

They may want to check with their other street teams and see if they are going to participate. I would hate to see pictures that could have gone to your count go to a team that is not a part of the fun.

Come on and join us!

Posted at 9:17am Jan 13, 2008 EST

We have 11 teams in so far!

The more the better. Show us what your team is made of!

Posted at 5:53pm Jan 13, 2008 EST

Can you please tell me what a "street team" is?

I thought I read something about a photo team awhile back, but dont know where to join it? Find info?


Posted at 7:19pm Jun 6, 2010 EDT