2008 Hope and Healing Project

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Some of you may be familiar with the Hope and Healing Project to raise awareness and funds for Rape Response Services and other non-profit agencies supporting victims of sexual violence. Etsy sellers raised over $800 in 2007. Here's a link to an old posting:


I'm continuing the Hope and Healing project throughout 2008 and will use this post to:

Promote participating Etsy sellers
Provide updated information about the project, and Support Etsy sellers who would like to join these efforts.

To see items currently available for the Hope and Healing Project, please check out this link:


If you have questions about the project, please don't hesitate to convo me!

Posted at 6:17pm Jan 18, 2008 EST


This Op-Ed in yesterday's NY Times includes the connection between sexism and sexual violence/exploitation...and a good argument for continuing to work towards social change (Something to consider as you choose a candidate Presidential election).


More about the Hope and Healing Project to come...

To see items currently available for the Hope and Healing Project, please check out this link:


Posted at 8:05am Jan 19, 2008 EST

Sellers: How To Participate

*Choose an item from your shop—any price range, any family-oriented product. Some people make a Rape Response Services Section in their shops for the item, but this is optional.

*Put "Hope and Healing" somewhere in the title of your item (without the quotation marks). Put "hopeandhealing" (all one word and without the quotation marks) in your list of tags. This will allow buyers to do a search and find all the shops and items designated for this project.

*Add to your description the percent of the sale that will be donated to RRS (or your local rape crisis center). 50% is suggested, but do what you can afford. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will go towards the educational and outreach programs that Rape Response provides. It’s okay to have the customer pay for shipping.

*It's helpful if you send a convo to me when the item is listed (with the Listing ID number), just so I can be sure it gets into the promos we're doing through Rape Response Services and on my blog.

*When the item sells, go to the Rape Response Services homepage (link below) and click on the donation button. This will take you to the Paypal option.


If you are donating to a local rape crisis center or a national organization such as RAINN.org, go to their websites and follow steps for donating.

*I'm not putting an end date on this fundraiser. If your item does not sell in a time you think reasonable, you have the option of editing the item to a regular listing. For some, that's when the item needs to be renewed. For some it's a short (or longer) period. All fine. Your generosity is very much appreciated.


Posted at 4:46pm Jan 19, 2008 EST

Buyers: How to Participate

*Search hopeandhealing under items: tags,titles or click on this link:


*Choose your favorite item from the list of awesome sellers and check out through the usual process

*Enjoy your item

Each seller has agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds to Rape Response Services or another rape crisis center of their choosing. They'll take care of getting the donation to the appropriate organization.

Questions about the project? List them in this forum thread or convo me!

Posted at 10:41pm Jan 19, 2008 EST

The Hope and Healing Project started in April 2006 when I posted a notice here in the forums asking for donations for the Rape Response Services annual auction held every September. Being a newbie, then, I expected 2, maybe 3 responses. Turns out, close to 30 Etsy sellers (including one from Canada and one from Japan) sent in items for the auction and about 15 others convo'd me to tell me their stories (victims of sexual violence and/or people who supported friends, family members or co-workers who'd been victims of sexual violence).

Heartened by this, I asked again in April 2007 and September 2007 and, again the response was overwhelmingly positive. By then, I knew a little more about Etsy and decided to make the Hope and Healing Project an on-line event. That way, the Etsy site gets promoted, the Etsy administrators get their listing and transaction fees, Etsy Sellers get promoted, sales and feedback, Rape Response Services gets a donation and Etsy buyers get to enjoy myriad homemade items. Win, win, win, win, win!

In 2007 Etsy sellers donated over $800 to Rape Response Services...and, so the project continues to be a success.

If you're interested in participating and have further questions, please don't hesitate to post your question here or convo me.


Posted at 3:24pm Jan 20, 2008 EST

Here's a tribute and most heartfelt Thank You to all the 100+ Etsy sellers who've participated in the Hope and Healing Project so far. This list includes those currently participating in the project, those who kicked it off in September 2006, and those who participated in the April 2007 forms of this event. An astericks (*) after sellers' names means they've participated in more than one Hope and Healing Event. Some sellers have closed shop. All are greatly appreciated.

AandVDesigns, Absolutetreasures, AlianaDesigns, Aliciamae, Anacronismo, Anodyneart, AuburnCrimsonStudio, Backwoodscreations*, BasiltheCat*, Bathandbeautyboutique, BeadWeavers, Beautyflowerpoem*, Bewitched1974RI, Bornlippy, Brynnalex, Catiesblue, Cercajewelry, Chilipirate, Cutescoot, Debtybeautifulbeads, DesignsbyJenean, Designstudio504, DMRiceart*, Doocapsplus, Elle36, Evod, FabricPrincess70, FaffCreations, Farafield*, Flameworks, 47Bonanza, Funkyluke, Gallimaufryarts, Gemmafactrix, Glasscatjewels, GlassIdentities, Gyrophare, Hippiestrips, HoldfastDesigns, Hollyhockcreations, Hrlobue, JabaroDesigns, JennyBunny, Jewelstreet, JoanneTracyDesigns, Kerijoy, Kreations*, Ladyartisan, Laknight09, LazyTCrochet, LibroLibra, LilPistachio, Liskidder*, LiviaTreasuresWYD, Localcolorist, Loopityloopglam, Lovedogcardcompany, Luckyduckdesigns*, MCaplan, Motleymisfits, Nanjodogz, Naturalbodyspa, Nitelily3, Norahzart*, Nycole, OneLupine, Opheliax, OriginalJewels, Patchoulinuit, Pawandclawdesigns, PetitDebutant, PinkDixie, Pollyfusia, Puddin450*, Puffluna, Ramona, Release*, Reqbat, Rhino, Salliebear, Sandfibers*, SevenBridges, Shallakar*, ShelDesigns, SilverDragonRescue, SimplyScarves, Sisters2, Sojournquilts*, Soapalooza, SterlingStarGazer, Stitchz, Storytellerarts*, StrangeLittleBear, Studioalamode, Sundrip, Sunfleur1, SweetyPrize, TheDancingNeedle, Thistlecraft*, Ticklebean, Tiggerbonn, Tomoko*, Truemirage*, Uniquedeb, Uppitywomandesigns*, UrbanHeirlooms, Urbanknit, Vickileigh, Whskr, Willowglass*, Wizardland, Wormwould, Yodamoon, ZBlankets, ZenithJade*

If I've missed your name--it's me juggling a bunch of lists--and not that you're not deserving of inclusion on the list! Please contact me and I'll fix the error post haste!

To see items currently available for the Hope and Healing Project, please check out this link:


Posted at 6:40am Jan 21, 2008 EST

To see items currently available for the Hope and Healing Project, please check out this link:


Posted at 10:40pm Jan 21, 2008 EST

I've begun doing interviews with Etsy sellers on my blog
whatshoesiwear.blogspot.com/. Right now, interviews are limited to past and present participants in the Hope and Healing Project and VAST (Visual Arts Street Team) members. Interviewees so far include:


More to come!

Posted at 7:32am Jan 22, 2008 EST

Rape Response Services is a non-profit organization in Bangor, ME. Staff and volunteers serve the community by providing educational and outreach programs, support groups, and a 24-hour hotline for victims of sexual violence and those who support them. More about RRS may be obtained at www.raperesponseservices.org/

To see items currently available for the Hope and Healing Project, please check out this link:


Posted at 5:55pm Jan 23, 2008 EST