Do you ship with specialty packaging or show packaging in photos?

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Original Post

I just uploaded new photos with my fun packaging that is for free!

These rainbow crayons have sold well in the past as the circle, original form, but the stars and hearts have not sold yet. I am hoping with nicer packaging and better photos, they will sell now.

Please take a look at how I have the packaging and let me know what you think. I think it is super cute, but that is only me...

Please post items that you have special packaging with to show myself and others!

Posted at 11:57pm Jan 23, 2008 EST


I don't promise special packaging, other than a box for items that need it for safety.

In fact, in my profile, I state I don't do extras.

(But, many times I have dressed the boxes up in giftbags and greenwillow's reusable gift bags-- depending on space in envelope and stock on hand. Shhhhhhhh)

Posted at 11:59pm Jan 23, 2008 EST

candyann says

Circuls are just nice and generic. If someone is buyng a gift I would say they would probably go for the circuls. I never over do the packaging, I dont know if people really care.

Posted at 11:59pm Jan 23, 2008 EST

Anyone else have input or feedback?

Posted at 12:37am Jan 24, 2008 EST

Every piece of jewelry from my store comes gift wrapped with a tulle or ribbon bow. :)

Posted at 12:39am Jan 24, 2008 EST

frankandme says

I send each item in nice tissue, and in a colorful envelope and I usually send it priority and eat the cost of shipping just so I can sell more

because, afterall, it is mre than I make selling wholesale!

Posted at 12:42am Jan 24, 2008 EST

i don't do anything fancy with the shipping, just bubble wrap the piece & finish it with a logo label, include a nice thank you note & send it on it's way. but i really think yours is adorable and should be a good selling point for you :)

Posted at 12:44am Jan 24, 2008 EST

TheTinyFig says

I don't offer special packaging but all my items are sent out in handmade boxes like this

Posted at 12:44am Jan 24, 2008 EST

TheTinyFig says

I love your packagine idea :)

Posted at 12:45am Jan 24, 2008 EST

frankandme says

PamperingBeki, I just looked at your site, and you sell so many! what is your secret? a lot of boutique sales? private sales? multiple sales per buyer?

Posted at 12:45am Jan 24, 2008 EST