Brick & Mortar stores - the super list

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Original Post

I started a thread a few weeks ago asking everyone to contribute the names/website of any stores in their area that they knew of that are open to selling handmade items. Here's the original thread:

I've finally been able to compile it all into a super list! My hope is that for everyone who wants to quit their day jobs and craft full time this could be the list that helps them get going (along with Etsy of course!)

I'm going to post the list right here (sorry, not alphabetical), but it's REALLY long, we'll see if it works, I feel like it may not fit on one page.... If anyone wants a Word document e-mailed to them send me a convo and I'll shoot it off to you. Thanks to all who contributed! I would also like to apologize in advance for possible miss-spelling of American cities/states, I'm Canadian and you Americans have a heck of a lot of states!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
- General 54 & Local 23 (owned by the same people,
- Lustre
- Lola & Emily
- 3 Monkeys (
- Headquarters Galerie & Boutique (full disclosure: this is my boyfriends and my shop, but we are very small and mainly have only consignment, so many won't be interested I know. Besides, I want to be clear that's really not the point of this thread, I'm not being sneaky!
- Perfide (art and everthing else)
- Usine 101 (mostly art)
- L'Arterie (this one is a fun play on words "artery, like to your heart, and the fact that in french many business types end in "erie")
- Drawn & Quarterly (zines and art)
- Boutique Fly (
- Revolver
- Espace Pepin (

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
- Cake clothing
- The Urban Boutique
- Girl Candy Shop
- October (I used to sell here, Beverly is the owner)
- Swank
- Out of the Blue (the best! I used to sell in this shop, Wendy is amazing!)
- Candy & Dolls
-Urban Waves

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
-Victoire boutique –

Seattle, Washington
-Frank and Dunya
-Bitters Co
-Blue Bottle Art
-Galactic Boutique

Oak Park, Illinois
-Unique Freaque -
Aurora Illinois
-Aurora Public Art Commission:
Rockford Illinois
-Tango K Indie Artist Boutique- “currently staying with artists from the USA (But we do LOVE international!)”,
-Renegade Handmade in Chicago

-The Red Thread Studio(Suffolk),
-Shooting Star Gallery(Suffolk)
-D"Art Cneter(Norfolk)
-Blue Skies Gallery(Hampton)
-Vincent Hester Gallery(Portsmouth)
-Riverview Gallery)Portsmouth)

-Vix Emporium in philadelphia
“great to work with and are actively looking for more crafters, It is on consignment though.”
“I just got my January pay pal check from them and they are good about getting the payments out”

Portland, Oregon

Boston, Massachusetts
- Oak,


New York
NY (online)
Brooklyn, nyc

Albany, CA
-All About Eve
Berkeley, CA
-Brownies (clothing, accessories, home goods, & paper goods)
-Indie Industries (T-shirts and accessories)
-Relish at home (mostly home and paper goods)
Sacramento, CA
-Bows & Arrows
Oakland, CA
-Rock Paper Sissors
San Jose, CA
-Black & Brown
Riverside, CA
-Robs Vintique

Asheville, NC
-The Honeypot
-Old Gold Haberdashery
- S.O.S. Sanctuary of stuff (Great rate,great store)
-Screen Door
-Kress mart
-Woolworth Walk

Minneapolis, MN
-Corazon -
-Cool Planet Goods -
-Design Collective -

Denver, Colorado

Nashville, TN

-cut+paste (website)
-fredflare (website

South East London
-Red Door Gallery
London, Carnaby Area
-Beyond the Valley,

New Zealand,
-Belle Bird
-Blonde Red
-Madame Fancy Pants
-Pink Sky Originalz
-Go Clothing


Posted at 10:13am Jan 24, 2008 EST


bumping this back up, I know a lot of people were asking me for it...

Posted at 10:16am Jan 24, 2008 EST

thanks for the list, this will be helping haveing one list with all these places:)

Posted at 10:19am Jan 24, 2008 EST

teepetals says

Thanks for the info!!! Checking out this list!

Posted at 10:19am Jan 24, 2008 EST

Great list, Thank You for sharing!

Posted at 10:20am Jan 24, 2008 EST

PoshDots says

Thanks! :)

Posted at 10:22am Jan 24, 2008 EST

Yup, lets keep bumping it up so people can bookmark it

Posted at 10:23am Jan 24, 2008 EST

gilbea says


I would love to see also a list of shops in spain... but i cant contribute with any names sorry :(

Posted at 10:27am Jan 24, 2008 EST

I want to see a list that incorporates Australian stores. We have so many wonderful shops over here but no-one ever includes them on the lists....

Posted at 10:36am Jan 24, 2008 EST

Well, if you jump back to the original thread, this is a forum reader created list, so only stores added by Etsyers are on it. It is definitely not a complete list, you guys can keep adding! Where are all the Aussies anyways?

aussiepatches - give me the store names and I'll add them to the list and repost

Posted at 11:46am Jan 24, 2008 EST