Why are year and two year old listing Still showing up?

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Original Post

I have a question…I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of listing in several categories. So I went to see what these items where. I went to last page of the categories and to my surprise these were listing over a year or two years old but still showing up. Example show listing date 2/24/07 1/06/06 and these items are then still in the person shop.

Don’t the listings ever expire? I thought 4 months? Then you either had to relist or the item goes away from views.

No wonder folks visiting Etsy say it’s a tad confusing…they look and see 54,574 items listed in paper goods alone and only look at anything newly listed. If your listing is a day or a week or 3 weeks old forget it.

Maybe these old listing should like go to the filing cabinet in “old and didn’t sell and now are expired” folder. Wouldn’t this clear up a lot of space for Etsy?

Posted at 2:01pm Jan 25, 2008 EST


It's because they've been renewed multiple times.

Let's say I have an item that I listed on 1-1-06.
Remember, each time I renew, another 4 months is added to the expiration time.
I let it expire on 5-1-06 and then renew it. Its expire is now 9-1-06.
I renew it again on 10-1-06. Its expire is now 1-1-07.
I renew it again on 11-1-06. Its expire is now 5-1-07.
I renew it again on 12-1-06. Its expire is now 9-1-07.
I renew it again on 1-1-07. Its expire is now 1-1-08
I renew it again on 2.1.07. Its expire is now 5-1-08.
If I do not renew this again, and allow it to roll along, when someone looks at the category anytime in 2008, it could seem like an unusually long expiration time.

Does this now make sense?

Posted at 2:02pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

quirkybags says

They've been renewed?

Posted at 2:03pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

There are a lot of older gems around here :) Renewing helps people to find them.

With that said, many people renew to keep themselves high in the category list, I used to do this, but stopped renewing about 2 weeks ago, and my hearts and views still come at the same pace (and I've had 2 sales since I stopped renewing :)

Posted at 2:04pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

michon says

Good explanation Loosewire.

Posted at 2:04pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

These ARE NOT RENEWED shows the date of listing at _____ as I said they are two and year old.

Posted at 2:08pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

If you look at my example, this makes sense, and can happen. They originally were renewed many times, adding many 4 months on top of the expiration, but then not renewed again for a year or two.

It's fully possible.

Posted at 2:10pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

Whoa, hold it.

When you renew an item, the listing date shows as the DATE OF RENEWAL ... NOT the date it was originally listed.

Posted at 2:10pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

I know it's confusing.

Posted at 2:10pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

This is due to multiple renewing. A seller can renew a listing multiple times before it actually expires. Each renewal adds four months to the end of the expiration date, thereby extending the listing's life. Here's an example of how that works:

* Item listed originally on 1/1/07, would expire on 4/1/07
* Item renewed on 2/4/07, now expires on 8/1/07 (but has a "listed on" date on 2/4/07)
* Item renewed again on 2/24/07, now expires on 12/1/07 (but has a "listed on" date on 2/24/07)

By the third renewal, the item's expiration date is extended so far in advance that it will *appear* to be over-due for expiration four months after its "listed on" date. However, the seller indeed paid for all the time they are receiving, so there's no harm done.

People renew early for lots of reasons, but most often to get added exposure for an item since renewing bumps the item to the top of your shop, search results and the category page.

And before November 2006, the listing length was 6 months. So items that were renewed multiple times before then have even longer lives.

Posted at 2:11pm Jan 25, 2008 EST