I took brand new packaging photos.. what do you think?

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Original Post

SarahsSky says

I haven't switched all of them over yet but I took some new ones.. what do you guys think? I love packaging photos. I think if you have nice packaging you should definitely consider using your packaging in your last photo.

new one www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9107342

old one

Posted at 2:56pm Jan 25, 2008 EST


femputer says

they're both lovely!

Posted at 2:57pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

TheTinyFig says

that is a cool box. how'd you do the s.sky part?

Posted at 2:59pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

I think the new one looks better in the thumbnail, so maybe I'd go with that one. They are both lovely though - and the packaging itself is adorable!

Posted at 3:00pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

Sarah, both of those are great, but for some reason I like the new one better. I love your packaging!

Posted at 3:01pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

It all works really well together, packaging, card, banner etc.

Coonies, I was thinking that too!

Posted at 3:02pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

syrlig says

I love the new one. In the other the box has a cut off corner which disturbs the picture. I also like the angle of your new one better

Posted at 3:03pm Jan 25, 2008 EST


Posted at 3:05pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

phunkymama says

Sigh, you've got mad photography skills. All of your pics are lovely. The new packaging pics look great, though.

Posted at 3:05pm Jan 25, 2008 EST

SarahsSky says

aw yay thank you everyone! I am so glad you guys like the new one. I took ten million pictures to get there! The s.sky label is metal. I used letter punches and a grinder to round off the edges. awww thanks again everyone : ) I am pretty excited. I cant say enough about how I think this really helps my sales. I really feel that people like knowing they are going to get this pretty little package and it pushes them over the edge into buying whatever they were thinking of getting.

Posted at 3:56pm Jan 25, 2008 EST