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Original Post

Hey all...

I love packaging...some of the most successful retailers and brands have greatly helped themself get to that place with witty, beautiful, chic, edgy (the list could go on and on) packaging!

My question to all of you lovely Etsians is this...

where are you getting your labels/packaging printed and also who are your suppliers? I'd really like to start a little collection of really wonderfully packaging suppliers and printers as I am trying to revamp my packaging!

Lets talk about it!

Posted at 3:14pm Jan 26, 2008 EST


Nice topic.. I have been trying to get others to talk about this as well over the last 24 hours because I wrote/still adding to a blog about packing and creative means to add finishing touches.... this is the link

Feel free to add to or post links to your shop and I can link you as well to this article if you do these things!

Posted at 3:18pm Jan 26, 2008 EST

flipflops3 says

on my other , mosaicroro, i use a great stamp maker,
she made a custom stamp for me that I stamp all my packages.

Posted at 3:18pm Jan 26, 2008 EST

Can you try to post the link again... it does not work :(

Posted at 3:19pm Jan 26, 2008 EST

hmmm may threads about this and from what I gather:
People make their labels themselves... go to Staples/Office Depot/etc and buy the sticky labels, and just take the time to figure out the right look on your computer...

People buy from other Etsy sellers. There are a ton who do "business packages" that could probably help?

And I've seen website links to places like that might have paper for you to buy...

hope this helps

Posted at 3:20pm Jan 26, 2008 EST

art2theextreme...those heart rainbow crayons are really great! I actually have spent alot of time as a Nanny for 5 kids under the age of 6 and they would love these!

Posted at 3:20pm Jan 26, 2008 EST

oh, check out flickr for packaging photos too!

Posted at 3:20pm Jan 26, 2008 EST

limamike says

OK, you're going to love this one -- not the cheapest, but definitely unique. They do sell wholesale, too.

Posted at 3:21pm Jan 26, 2008 EST

limamike says

OH, also forgot to say, they do offer a sample pack -- you can choose what you'd like to see and they send it!

Posted at 3:22pm Jan 26, 2008 EST