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Original Post

If I seen a site that is using etsy items in collages.

Not only mine, but other etsy sellers as well.

Who do I contact??
abuse, community...who? Need help. Right now.

Does etsy have any procedures in place for other sites using etsy links and images??

I am pretty smoking mad right now.

Posted at 1:42pm Jan 27, 2008 EST


wow, i would be angry too.

is the other site another selling venue? it's possible you could contact them directly.

Posted at 1:44pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

I'd send it to "community"

Posted at 1:45pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

Community. Ok.

I can't give the link, but I am pretty angry right now my images from my etsy shop are being used in collages.

I also saw several other etsy users items being used,

I got a google alert and couldnt believe my eyes.

Ill email community right now.
My images are NOT public domain. This is theft in my eyes.

Posted at 1:50pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

Have you tried contacting the site where you say them yet? They may take down the images if they know the user doesn't have your premission to use them.

Posted at 1:57pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

I've already contacted this website and asked them to remove my photo.

I also read their photos are to be used without the owner's permission.

It was basically stolen...from my etsy shop.

Posted at 2:00pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

I'm thinking now of the other etsy items I see on there, and thinking....maybe they didn't have permission to use them.

Posted at 2:00pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

probably not. the ethics of some people... sheesh

Posted at 2:02pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

I'd also contact any shopowners whose pictures are being used, just to give them a head's up. Since Etsy's stance is that only the copyrightholder can do anything, that makes sense to me to let the people know so they CAN do something.

I'd certainly want someone to tell me if my images were being used in such a fashion.

Posted at 2:02pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

I also filed a abuse report against the person who took my photo.

Anyone who wants one of my images can ask! I am a nice person EXCEPT when people steal from me. Then I get angry.

Posted at 2:03pm Jan 27, 2008 EST