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I do the same dreamygiraffe. It's things like this is why I signed up in the first place.

Posted at 2:16pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

You know what. I dont mind getting in trouble over this.

Id advise you all to go through this and if any of your items are here and did not give this site permission....please contact them and let them know ok? If you did give them permission that is cool.

This makes me mad. I saw a very well known etsy artists art on there earlier...and it was completely altered, another artists art was layered on top of hers. This isnt right. Let them know it isnt right.

Posted at 2:38pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

Caprichos says

seems to me like it's some sort of fashion site... but where are the links to the items?

Posted at 2:43pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

The collages each item is used in, is at the bottom of each items page. Each element of each collage has a link to the item itself on the right.

I know it is very strange to me. My item was listed as a TOY. (not a toy)

Posted at 2:44pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

It is up to each individual owner of the copyrighted photographs to contact the site to remove the photo. I did just that.

Posted at 2:46pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

oh man trollie! GO get em!!!! Stealing is bad bad bad!!!

Posted at 2:46pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

Caprichos says

Wow... it is very strange indeed, and there's hundreds of items from etsy...

Posted at 2:47pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

jewel says

The links to the items are on the right hand side of the collage.

Trollflings, I know you are upset and I'm not saying Polivore is entitled to your images or anything like that, but just consider for a moment that you are getting free publicity.

The users of Polyvore are encouraged to go shopping all over the web and make collage images of their favorite items. Polyvore gives them the tools to do that. Each item in a user's collage has a link directly to the site where it can be purchased. (On the right hand side)

If you still feel it's wrong, you should write to Polyvore. I doubt that Etsy can help you in this, but do let them know about it so that they are aware of the site.

Posted at 2:48pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

I let them know about it.

I don't need publicity. I want people to realize that copyrighted photos are not owned by them. I have had trouble with this kind of thing for YEARS and I am really tired of it.

Posted at 2:50pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

OMG! Did you by any chance contact the other sellers? If not, I would start by doing that. Then contact abuse. That is just sooo wrong. I would be smoking mad too. Did they take the pictures right from your listings? You can actually get watermarks that prevent people from doing this. There are different sites online that offer this.

Posted at 2:53pm Jan 27, 2008 EST