ACEO Artists...Free Promotional Opportunity and Reaching out To Students

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Original Post

Hello everyone. Many of you may be familiar with me from my thread post in the forums about ATCs and ACEOs for exchange and sharing with my elementary art classes. Many of you were ones to respond and donate cards to the school and project. This has quickly snowballed into a huge response with media and newspaper coverage both local in Indiana and nationwide in the art community.

In the process of all of this, I am going send in a project proposal to present at an Indiana Art Educator conference in November about Artist Trading Cards, ACEOs, and trading in classrooms and with the art community. The hopes of this is to also Present at the National Convention in 2009.

As part of this ongoing project and the Family Artist Trading Card Night that will happen in the Spring, I am also creating a book about ACEO/ATC artists and connections to the Visual Arts Classroom.

This book will feature both text, website links (Etsy Shop Links), and photos of ACEO/ATC artists from all over the world. This will be a first edition book with yearly publication (and hopefully igniting a nation-wide art contest for Visual Art Programs to submit their best works).


I am looking for 5-10 ACEO/ATC artists to be on a “Mock Cover” for the book since I have not yet begun accepting submissions for the project. For the use of your photo of you best, favorite ACEO/ATC, I will offer a page of free images and text of your ACEOs and links to your sites to use as a promotional tool in this book for no charge.

Basically for allowing me to use your photo for a “Mock Cover” you will be featured in the book for free. I see this book getting a lot of exposure though my school, the media following this project, the Indiana Conference, and Nationals. I will have copies of the book for sale, so you will be seen!

This is such a wonderful opportunity for both ACEO artists and visual art students! Please consider and feel free to convo me with questions.


Posted at 10:14pm Jan 27, 2008 EST


I'm game :D Convo if my style is what you're interested in. I'm working on some to send your class already

Posted at 10:26pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

I see a few that I am interested in.. I will let you know soon. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and participate. This is becoming HUGE and I am so excited to share this opportunity with artists!

Posted at 10:47pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

So many people have been helpful for this project... I am hoping there are some of you who would like a free page in the book that I am publishing for both Students and artists....

more information at...

Posted at 11:20pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

AnnaCox says

Thanks for the convo back and like i said will get them in the mail by Friday for you.

Posted at 11:35pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

Awesome! Thank you for your help in both the project and the book!

Posted at 11:41pm Jan 27, 2008 EST


Posted at 11:42pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

I'd love to be a part of this if I can! Convo me if your interested!

Posted at 11:44pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

whitepaw says

<raising hand!>.all of my work is available as ACEO giclee prints...

Posted at 11:56pm Jan 27, 2008 EST

Awesome.. convoing you at that shop for permission to use an image. I will contact you soon about your page in the book!

Posted at 12:21am Jan 28, 2008 EST