is there rules about photos?

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Original Post

someone is using the photos that i took of my items ... it is general item like my wires that i am selling but it is still the photo that i took myself.

the other photos like product shots i get from my suppliers and i can use it with their permission because i am an authorized reseller of their products ... like the beadalon items and tornado crimp beads and snapeez jump rings etc.

it is not cool to just grab photos without asking right?!

Posted at 1:18pm Jan 31, 2008 EST


No, you can't use them without permission.

Posted at 1:19pm Jan 31, 2008 EST

marymary says

Correct. If you think someone is using your photos without your permission, you could contact them and ask them to remove the photos. If you are still having trouble, you can contact to take a look at the pics on Etsy.


Posted at 1:20pm Jan 31, 2008 EST

thanks fuzzy ... so i asked the seller who is using my photos to take it down

Posted at 1:20pm Jan 31, 2008 EST

No one should be using your images without your permission.

Please see here to learn how to handle this matter:

More info on copyrights:

Posted at 1:21pm Jan 31, 2008 EST

thank you mary mary ... let see if the person is going to take it down.

appreciate all the help =D

Posted at 1:22pm Jan 31, 2008 EST