PLUGBOARDS...Are you plugged in? It's free advertising, baby!!

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Do you need permission to add your plug to someones plug board? I 've looked at several here and did'nt see anything stating anything about it.

Posted at 10:24am Mar 9, 2008 EDT

Yuck. Reminds me of "bargain basement"..."blue light specials" "the sunday newspaper advertising sections"....there is 30 little rectangles all jammed together, and they all have type and bright colors...and how is anyone going to take the time to go through them?

Looks junky to me. sorry but I would never shop from those. Yet another mass marketing Ebay tactic making its way into Etsy.

My 2 cents....I know, no one agrees with me...thats ok. :-)

Posted at 10:25am Mar 9, 2008 EDT

Have been investigating plugboards. Thanks for all the input...

Posted at 10:47am Mar 9, 2008 EDT

mllamb47 says

Well, I love it! I think its fun and win - win.

Posted at 10:52am Mar 9, 2008 EDT

mllamb47 says

I bumped up the list and added my blog...(my plug board is quite empty!) Hint hint :)

Posted at 10:58am Mar 9, 2008 EDT

mllamb47 love your avatar!

How is it "fun?" I am clueless.

Posted at 11:23am Mar 9, 2008 EDT

mllamb47 says

Oh, thanks...well I think its fun because

A)I love animated banners.
B)I love promoting other artists and crafters.

I also think it fun because its so easy, much easier than linking banners from your website/blog.


Posted at 11:33am Mar 9, 2008 EDT

This sounds good, I will try it definitely try it out :)

Posted at 8:05am Mar 10, 2008 EDT

eyeshoot says

So, great idea, but I have no idea how to make animated plugs - any clues would be gratefully received!

Posted at 10:12am Mar 10, 2008 EDT