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Original Post

Welcome! The California Crafters Club of Etsy (CCCOE) is proud to present the entries in their January challenge under the topic of “SCIENCE and GEEKERY”.

Now it’s your turn to judge which one is the best. Polls open until midnight Thu., Feb. 8.

Click through the list or see them all in one place here

1. Post your vote here.
2. Chat as you wish but vote only once!
One lucky voter will receive this LP recycled bracelet and business card holder by See them here;
or here

1. MI CORAZON by SandySimone

2. Intravenous by Tresijas

3. Scanning the Universe by ElenaMary

4. Science is Sexy by Surly

5. Sum of Two Halves Necklace (w/free matching earrings) by prettycheap

6. Albert Einstein Soft Sculpture by peggradyart

7. Girls are Great Science Students by TresLocas

8. Victorian astronomy necklace by AlliesAdornments

9. Paige the Wild Carrot by buttercupbloom

10. Marching Prehistoric Lava Bugs Bracelet by cigarboxbeads

11. Shell Bracelet (Marine Biology) by PalleikoDesigns

12. Dichroic Computer Chip Fused Glass Pendant by CalyxAnn

13. elemental aka chaos theory by mrsm

14. Salute to Gregor Mendel by ArttoWearDiva

15. A Heavenly Body by PamelaJean

16. bbzz by OhCuddles

17. Star bracelet by appleandstar

18. Phrenology tie by knittergirl

19. Transistor Earrings by luchi

20. I Am Having Heart Palpitations by NeedleWorks

21. Starry Sky by RedBessBonney

22. ALBERT EINSTEIN soldered glass pendant by DesignsbyTami

23.A New Beginning Ring by AmandaKLockrowJewels

24. Serotonin Necklace - for happiness by molecularmuse

25. Theoretical No. 1 - blank note card set with visible green squid
by audelaine

26. dichroic DNA by jenifereadington

27. The Marie Curie Origami Peace Crane

Posted at 2:03pm Feb 1, 2008 EST


snowyangel says

There is so many beautiful entries, wish i could choose mroe than one but I choose #24. Serotonin Necklace - for happiness by molecularmuse . I'm not a science fan but i love the simplicity of that necklace!

Posted at 2:06pm Feb 1, 2008 EST

Oh this is to hard. Gonna have to bring the family in on this one. Voting later.

Posted at 2:09pm Feb 1, 2008 EST

I can't decide!

Posted at 2:11pm Feb 1, 2008 EST

#19 Transistor earrings by Luchi

Posted at 2:20pm Feb 1, 2008 EST

So many great entries. Will have to pick after work tonight.

Posted at 2:27pm Feb 1, 2008 EST

Tresijas says

This challenge was rough, but I instantly fell in love with...

#6 Albert Einstein by the infamous Peggrady

Posted at 2:29pm Feb 1, 2008 EST

ElenaMary says

#6 Peggradyart's Einstein..great quote and adorable little science super star!

Posted at 2:32pm Feb 1, 2008 EST

Still thinking....

Posted at 2:35pm Feb 1, 2008 EST

omgosh, the vinyl prizes are more than unique...

and need a little time to study the entries.

Posted at 2:41pm Feb 1, 2008 EST