My feet smell like vinegar

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Original Post

We have a small condo and wood floors, I wear my comfy slippers because i have caluses(sp?) on my feet and they help. But they sweat in there, and my feet always smell like vinegar!! Anyone have this problem?

I'm sitting here on the couch and I'm trying to breathe through my mouth!

Posted at 4:05 pm Feb 4, 2008 EST


rockabebe says

My brother's feet are horrible. My mom would put dryer sheets in his shoes and slippers when he wasn't wearing them and it helped alot. Maybe try that. The smell is probably compounding.

Posted at 4:06 pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

actually, i've read that soaking your feet in vinegar helps to cure the sweating/stinking thing

Posted at 4:07 pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

Lol yeah, I wonder if I could wash them.

Posted at 4:20 pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

Hapslappy says

let them dawgs breathe!

Posted at 4:21 pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

noraArt says

My daughters did and I found it was the synthetic fiber mixed with sweat. She had switched to uggs and said it got much better. so maybe try sheepskin or natural liners?

Posted at 4:24 pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

ambika says

Maybe put baking soda in your slippers? I know my aunt puts sachets of lavendar in her shoes whenever they're not on her feet so you might try that, too.

Posted at 4:25 pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

handmade says

i second the baking soda recommendation.

i have some cute leather shoes i wear with no shoes and they totally make my feet sweat/smell. i wanted to put something in them to kill the bacteria making them smell bad without ruining the shoes. after reading the ingredients on those foot odor powders, i realized the active ingredient was baking soda in most of them, so i shook some baking soda in them [like coating a cake pan] and it TOTALLY did the job without ruining my shoes.

Posted at 4:41 pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

I loe the baking soda idea. My feet always sweat so much.

I am now off to get the baking soda and attack some of my shoes!

Posted at 4:44 pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

I'll definitely try the baking soda!

I have some fake uggs and they don't make my feet smell. My slippers are from Wal-Mart.

Posted at 4:49 pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

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