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Hi everyone,

Here is what you can do:

You can email us again. We are so sorry if you weren't taken out of the system properly...this can also happen if more than one report was filed about the same transaction.

The near future:

We are building a new system that will prevent such mis-haps. It should be launched really soon. For now, we need our seller to work with us as much as possible.

Not to worry:

Our emails always say that if this is a mistake, please contact us to have it corrected. There is nothing on Etsy that cannot be corrected ASAP.

*Please note that an account suspension only happens when we have not heard from the person in an 80 day period. There are many out-going emails to prevent suspension from happening. Sometimes if a person doesn't check emails, suspension can happen, but we can fix that right away!

Again, so sorry for the inconvenience!

Posted at 4:33pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

LonesomeDove says:
Maybe ask your buyer to also email etsy abuse? I would email etsy support too. Etsy people have always gotten back to me quickly. Good luck!

I have sent emails to Etsy regarding different problems over the past few months, and have never received a reply. I wonder what I am doing wrong??

Posted at 4:36pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

letitiah says

whoah customercare, you look nekkid without an admin badge!

Posted at 4:37pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

maybe have the administration bar below your name?

Posted at 4:37pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

letitiah says

great minds, peacock.

Posted at 4:37pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

alorinna says

Yeah, I checked the profile to see if it was real.

Posted at 4:38pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

Ha! Thanks for pointing it out. We'll get a badge today...

Posted at 4:38pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

bamabelle says

She is nekkid.

she likes to be nekkid.

Posted at 4:38pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

pirateking says

Thanks, alorinna!

Posted at 4:39pm Feb 4, 2008 EST

pirateking says

Thanks, CustomerCare!!

Posted at 4:40pm Feb 4, 2008 EST