HELP!! My dog chewed a hole in carpet!

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Original Post

I live in an apartment and my dog has chewed 3 holes in the carpet! I'm so upset and crying right now. She did the first two when she was younger around 5 months. Then she didn't chew on it forever until right now. Smack in the middle of the living room a hole. Anyone know how to fix this. Can I go to lowes or homedepot and find carpet the exact same and just staple it in there or something. I'm so pissed and upset right now. Please say someone has a solution!

Posted at 9:32 am Feb 5, 2008 EST


luv4sams says

If you can find the same carpet, you should be able to repair it.

Posted at 9:33 am Feb 5, 2008 EST

luv4sams says

Do you have renters insurance that would cover this?

Posted at 9:34 am Feb 5, 2008 EST

no renters insurance. I'm young and didn't even know that existed. How can I show them what the carpet looks like? just cut out around the already made hole or something. I'm sorry I've never experienced this before and am just dur in the head about what to do.

Posted at 9:35 am Feb 5, 2008 EST

My dog did the same thing on my nearly new wool rug. I still haven't fixed it, but at least its a little bit hidden and the rug has a design in it.

But you can match the color, then put the patch on top. Cut through both carpets at the same time. (You might want to make the shape a little irregular) You'll need a good carpet knife. Then pull out the rest of the patch from the original carpet and put carpet tape around the hole. Since you cut the two pieces at the same time, they should match perfectly. Place the patch in and push to adhere to the tape.

Posted at 9:37 am Feb 5, 2008 EST

teasebeads says

Our dog did that. I would cut out the hole (try to get a nice even square as small as possible) and bring it in places until you find matching carpet. When you find the matching carpet, cut a square the same size as what you cut out and glue it down. It worked great for us. It wasn't quite as faded but after a few weeks it evened out. Good luck!

Posted at 9:38 am Feb 5, 2008 EST

ya if you're going to patch it try cuting around the hole to make it a even square with enough of a sample to bring in to the flooring store.

Are you allowed to have a dog?

Posted at 9:39 am Feb 5, 2008 EST

fisheye says

If you can't find the exact carpet,sometimes you can cut a piece from inside a closet. Replace the closet part with an almost match.

Posted at 9:40 am Feb 5, 2008 EST

midocean says

For a true match, use a piece from the back of a closet or somewhere not to noticeable)... put your purchased "patch" in the spot you robbed

Posted at 9:41 am Feb 5, 2008 EST

luv4sams says

You can get renters insurance - it is fairly inexpensive - it covers things like theft, damage, stuff like that but you will have a deductible.

My daughter is in college and she is automatically covered on her apartment through our homeowners so if you are in school - check with your parents' to see, you might be covered.

Posted at 9:44 am Feb 5, 2008 EST

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