Treasury: list links don't "turn grey" after i've viewed them anymore

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Original Post

uniko says

and they used to ... helped me keep track of which treasuries i've viewed, and which i haven't. is this a change, a glitch, or only me?


Posted at 10:09am Feb 5, 2008 EST


They grey out for me -- perhaps you looked at the treasury once while signed in and then again not signed in?

Sorry, can't think of anything else :)

Posted at 10:15am Feb 5, 2008 EST

I've noticed that too. But for me it is random, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

Posted at 10:18am Feb 5, 2008 EST

uniko says

nope, i'm signed in. it happened at "treasury west" too.

i even quit and restarted firefox and no go.

so, i guess it's just me. has this ever happened to anyone else, and did they figure out a fix?

this started happening to me last night, maybe around midnight, but i'm not sure of the time.

thanks again,

Posted at 10:18am Feb 5, 2008 EST

uniko says

eRosasjewelry: how long did it last for you, typically?

Posted at 10:19am Feb 5, 2008 EST

Some days that happens all day. For example if I go through treasuries today by tomorrow there will be no sign of it.

Posted at 10:30am Feb 5, 2008 EST

jared says

Be sure your Flash cookies are enabled.

To do this:
1) load the Treasury
2) right click (command click on Mac) anywhere over the Treasury lists
3) select 'Settings...' from the menu that appears
4) click the folder icon tab
5) move the slider to 100kb or greater
6) click the 'Close' button

The instructions above set the available disk space for your Flash cookies to 100kb. The Treasury uses your flash cookies to keep track of which lists you've been to.

Posted at 3:55pm Feb 5, 2008 EST

Flash cookies sound tasty! :)

I've noticed this also, though in my case it might actually be a case of me forgetting which computer I used to look at one.

Posted at 4:16pm Feb 5, 2008 EST

uniko says

Jared, thanks for the message. a couple of things...

1) instruction #2 should say "control-click on a mac"
2) my slider was at 1MB, i changed to 10MB instead of unlimited
3) is there some way to clear the cache/available disk space for the cookies.

thanks again,

Posted at 11:01pm Feb 5, 2008 EST