Show Me Your Thrifty Craft Show Booth Ideas

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Original Post

I'm working on an article for the Storque on doing craft shows inexpensively.

We'd love some great pictures of YOUR thrifty crafts booth setups to possibly be included with the article.

post the link here, please.

thanks a ton, everyone.



Here's the first thread, with lots of wonderful ideas as well. It's never too early to think about the summer craft show season.

Posted at 5:48pm Feb 8, 2008 EST


mintimindi says

this is a pic of a wooden display to hang ornaments and jewelry that doubled as a magnet holder.

Posted at 5:59pm Feb 8, 2008 EST

I will have to take pictures of the display racks I just stole...

I love dumpster diving.

Posted at 6:01pm Feb 8, 2008 EST

hlkparis says

i'd love some ideas for displaying photographs..framed, matted, etc. ...

Posted at 6:03pm Feb 8, 2008 EST

anyone else?

Posted at 12:27pm Feb 11, 2008 EST

here's a pic of my table at a show I did a little while back...I had to scramble to put something together since I only found out about it the day before....seems my invitation got lost in the mail...but it was a good day nonetheless!! and met great - awesome people;)

Posted at 12:35pm Feb 11, 2008 EST

I have made really easy inexpensive table shelving and wrote an article for our blog here:

Scroll down probably near the bottom, or I will go and get the exact entry for you.

Posted at 12:37pm Feb 11, 2008 EST