Portland Etsy Tea Time

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Original Post

Tea Time in Portland Or

for Etsy sellers and/or potential Etsy sellers

more info at the Tea Time blog:

DATE: Feb. 14th, Thursday at 11am
LOCATION: Aquila Glass Studios
1628 N Columbia Blvd.
Portland, Or
directions to the spot (with pictures!):

Feel free to bring stuff to craft with (keep your hands busy doing what you need to get done - its a crafty environment, plenty of scissors and glue and table space). You can bring your laptop computer (there is free wireless) and we can swap photo advice and do shop critiques. Oh - it is a glass studio - feel welcome to bring your kids, but with reservations, its not exactly the safest place for little ones.

and it'll be valentines day, so we'll keep it short and sweet and perhaps have valentines cookies! yum.

Posted at 4:02pm Feb 10, 2008 EST


franwolff says

I will plan on being there.

Posted at 4:21pm Feb 10, 2008 EST

we have two lovely types of tea from the EtsyTeams ladies in Philly (thanks Sara and Amy! You both ROCK)

Posted at 4:37pm Feb 10, 2008 EST

MissPurl says

Planning on Tea!

Posted at 5:12pm Feb 10, 2008 EST

sweet! hey Danielle - I blogged about what I had for breakfast too :) I liked yours, made me smile, so I thought I'd do so as well :)


Posted at 5:16pm Feb 10, 2008 EST

MissPurl says

I can't tell you how many people I have showed your video's too.

They are impressed.

Posted at 6:54pm Feb 10, 2008 EST

nice :) thanx!

if anyone is curious what we're talkin about... i've been putting videos on my blog, sort of showing how i do it kinda things:

Posted at 9:39pm Feb 10, 2008 EST

SupplyRiot says

Ooh! I will have to check out your videos Leah!

I'm not sure yet if I'll make it to tea; I have some tentative other plans. I'll letcha know!

Omg! I'm logged in as SupplyRiot! Hahaha that's funny. 2 shops can be confusing....

Posted at 12:01am Feb 11, 2008 EST

Oh! Wish I could come!!! I'd love to meet you all. But I run a playgroup from 10-11:30 on Thursdays. Drat.

Posted at 12:09am Feb 11, 2008 EST

you don't have to show up right at 11. its totally casual. We usually chat till 1 if not 2pm. Lets try and wrap things up around 1pm this week :)

for a complete view of all the videos I've made so far you can check em all out on YouTube (I figure they'll each make an appearance on my blog eventually)
don't mind me hijacking my own thread to pimp myself! ha!

Posted at 1:08pm Feb 11, 2008 EST