My Favorites Are Changing By Themselves!!! Do I flag?

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AliciaMae says

it is fee avoidance unless they relisted when they changed it, but it was discussed about a year ago as being a bad business move because of the hearting system

Posted at 6:02pm Feb 11, 2008 EST

even if they relisted it, its still fee avoidance, cuz they are getting more time for the 20 cents

Posted at 6:04pm Feb 11, 2008 EST

should add - then they are supposed to

Posted at 6:05pm Feb 11, 2008 EST

Marmalady says

admin have said not to do it because it messes with some database as well as the hearts

Posted at 6:05pm Feb 11, 2008 EST

We know it's not good practice, because of hearts. But it's not clearly defined in the rules.

Windys asks a good question.

Posted at 6:06pm Feb 11, 2008 EST

(She's a knowledgeable veteran. Wise one.)

Posted at 6:06pm Feb 11, 2008 EST

What some people will do, to avoid 20 cents!!

Posted at 6:07pm Feb 11, 2008 EST

I have to admit I did this a couple times when I was a newbie (I didn't know any better)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 6:09pm Feb 11, 2008 EST

The Terms of Use says, "Each unique item must have its own listing." (Source: ). The "changing a listing" rule is not explicitly outlined in the DOs & DON'Ts, but will likely be added when we revise the document a little later this year, just for clarity.

Please do NOT change a listing to a completely different item. There are several reasons for this:

-- fee avoidance: each item should have it's own unique listing and therefore it's own listing fee of 20 cents

-- confusion for other members: someone may have the item in their shopping cart, favorites, a Treasury, the Gift Guides OR otherwise bookmarked in some way

-- database unhappiness: when all the identifying info for a listing is changed, it can cause technical problems in the database (editing one or a few things about a listing is ok, but total change is bad)

In short, don't do it.

If you have reason to believe another seller has done this (like an item you hearted is now different), please email and we'll look into it.

Posted at 6:14pm Feb 11, 2008 EST

RegalBeads says

thing is it HAS been clearly addressed...folks just pretend that's not the case

Posted at 6:19pm Feb 11, 2008 EST