Licensed to sell baked goods?

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Original Post

Do you need to have a license to sell baked goods on Etsy? Just curious about possible new business ventures :)

Posted at 8:25pm Feb 14, 2008 EST


catlover1 says

I would think so, yes.

Posted at 8:26pm Feb 14, 2008 EST

TheTinyFig says

you're suppose to be but etsy doesnt check

Posted at 8:29pm Feb 14, 2008 EST

In Louisiana, you don't need a license to sell baked goods at the local farmers' market, because the incidence of bacteria is very low in baked goods, so I doubt it. I'll ask a baking friend. ♥ Love, Helen

Posted at 8:29pm Feb 14, 2008 EST

spidercamp says

Yes. It's up to the individual shops to get appropriately licensed per their states' requirements.

How you figure out how in the heck to mail stuff between states legally is beyond me though.

Posted at 8:30pm Feb 14, 2008 EST

Yes, you do need a license to sell any food items on Etsy.

Posted at 8:31pm Feb 14, 2008 EST

I don't know about the license thing but I wanted to put my $.2 worth about opening a baked goods store. Make sure you disclose allergy info. I love baked foods from other people's kitchen but my little one has severe food allergies where she stops breathing. So we tend to stay away unless I know what's in them.
Good luck!!!

Posted at 8:32pm Feb 14, 2008 EST

etsy doesn't check but I believe you can be heavily fined if you are caught and don't have a license.

If you don't have a license there are plenty of people that won't buy from you either.

Posted at 8:32pm Feb 14, 2008 EST

Great suggestions. I will keep all that in mind... I'm off to do more research! Thanks

Posted at 8:34pm Feb 14, 2008 EST

Check out the FDA website for info regarding baked goods. Because you would be selling across state line, just your local regulations won't cut it.

Posted at 8:48pm Feb 14, 2008 EST