Taggie makers beware!

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Original Post

frankandme says

Hey y'all! I was talking a bit about this just this morning, but I don't know if you know this-----taggies are patented! and in a very very very vague way!!!

nteractive blanket and pillow for children

An interactive security blanket for children comprises two fabric sheets sewn together to provide a blanket body. One of the sheets preferably has a colorful children's pattern or design, while the other is provided in a complimentary solid color. Additionally, a plurality of spaced-apart ribbon loops, or "tags," are attached to the four edges of the blanket body, and extend out therefrom. The lengths of ribbon comprising the tags are looped from and back into the seam between the pieces of fleece, and are firmly attached at that seam. The tags are provided in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, e.g., they may be wide, thin, silky, textured, bright-colored, pastel, shiny, solid, and/or provided with fabric prints suitable for children. The tags function as a means for providing sensory stimulation for children via the children's passive (ocular) or active (tactile) interaction with the pillow or blanket.

here's the link:

just fyi

Posted at 8:19pm Feb 17, 2008 EST


Taggies are not to be made/sold unless you have the patent, has been a big auction removal issue on Ebay several years ago and I guess it still is.

Posted at 8:21pm Feb 17, 2008 EST

Ok, FrankandMe--you got me. :) I'm a little ill--but oh well. I researched the taggies patent before selling them, and yes, found the beginning to be vague enough to think it was ok to sell mine--since I don't use fleece, I use batting between, and some of mine are raggy quilted. After reading the WHOLE patent info--at the VERY END--it gets very clear about the scope of Taggies' patent:

"Although the interactive blankets and pillows have been illustrated as being made from particular fabrics or materials, one of ordinary skill in the art will appreciate that certain changes could be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. For example, other materials or fabrics could be used, and non-rectangular blanket or pillow shapes (e.g., circular, oblong, triangular, pentagonal, hexagonal) could be used.

"Additionally, although the ribbon-loop tags have been illustrated as being attached to the periphery of the blanket, they could also be attached to the central area of the blanket, without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. Furthermore, although the tags have been shown as comprising ribbon loops, one of ordinary skill in the art will appreciate that the tags attached to the periphery of the blanket could also be in other forms, such as strips. However, that would defeat the purpose of having loops for little fingers to be inserted to grasp the item, and would make the tags potentially less tactually stimulating, since it would be less easy to rub the tags against themselves.

"Also, although the blanket or pillow body of the present invention has been illustrated as comprising two fleece sheets attached to one another, one of ordinary skill in the art will appreciate that the blanket or pillow bodies could be more "complex" structures comprising various types of fabric sewn together, without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. For example, the fabric sheets could be quilt-like, or the fleece sheets could be provided with a satin border, to which the tags are attached. "

Sooooo, while I have TONS of Tag Blankets I need to sell--I guess I should look at making something else. :( Part of me is glad--Those darn tags irritate me to no end! :) I don't enjoy making them--though I LOVE them once they are finished! I sat in bed last night, debating this all with God--like I said, the patent info covers all the bases there at the end, and I don't have much wiggling room to get out of it--and I got a TON of new and different ideas to work on. I like new ideas--I get bored making the same over and over!

So Frank and Me--you did your job yesterday. Sorry I'm such a hard-headed, stubborn person--guess I need to be beat in the head before I "get" what I'm supposed to be hearing! :) :)

PS--I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work! Those elephants especially get me! :) They are toooooo much fun!

Posted at 10:10am Feb 18, 2008 EST

Yes, the Taggies patent basically covers any form of fabric with ribbon loops sewn in between. If you've made a bunch, maybe you'll be invited to a bunch of baby showers, and you can gift them?

Posted at 10:16am Feb 18, 2008 EST

Well hopefully now you can find something that you do enjoy making!

I have been seeing this blankets around and I don't really "get" them. They really bother me visually with the tags. Do kids just carry them around? I would like it better if they were bigger and maybe had one loop on the corner. Hang on I have to go patent this.

Posted at 10:28am Feb 18, 2008 EST

charmingpaper--my kids LOVED theirs!!! To death! I gave them to them around 3-4 months old--when they just started grabbing things, but not well. And they were FASCINATED with all the ribbons--all the colors and such. I loved watching them play with their tag blankets. My 3 yr old now uses hers for her babies, too--she wraps them up! Neither of them used theirs as security blankets, though I clipped them onto their strollers and carseats all the time. They kinda lose interest in them around 10-12 months--that's when they can play for real! :)

Posted at 10:35am Feb 18, 2008 EST

wow - i had no idea a patent could be that broad! that's insane! i guess i'm glad i didn't start making those...

Posted at 6:43pm May 28, 2008 EDT

MaddieEna says

It's absolutely rediculous that the concept of sewing two pieces of fabric together with ribbons involved...rediculous.

It's very vague and can basically be interpreted to put fear in the heart of anyone who's ever sewn two pieces of fabric together...

If this is the way patents work, then I'll patent the concept of necklaces...stringing beads or other forms of decorative material onto a string, stretchy cord, or other similar type of string for the purposes of jewelry, accesorizing, blah blah blah...

Rediculous. I can't believe they were even able to obtain such a vague patent.

Okay...done with my little rant...

Posted at 9:06pm May 28, 2008 EDT

Wow, how the hell did they manage to get that patent through? I don't make them, but I had a baby quilt like that of my own 43 years ago. That's a design that's been around for generations! And the fact that it vaguely offers up a plethora of other designs is absurd.

Posted at 9:12pm May 28, 2008 EDT

Organidog says

MaddieEna, you crack me up. =D

Posted at 9:14pm May 28, 2008 EDT