PROMO - 100% of sales to go to finding Christine's Family -

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Original Post

100% of any sales until further notice will go to the family of

This is on the Seattle news, it is not a joke.

They have not set up a donation center as of yet but THEY ARE TRULY IN NEED OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT!

If you are able to, please send any amount straight to her paypal address:

Thank you.

Posted at 9:59pm Feb 17, 2008 EST


Pushing this up... relevant and useful.

Posted at 10:01pm Feb 17, 2008 EST

Every sale will go to help find Christine's husband.

I will be checking in and out on this thread. Please keep it going!

Posted at 10:02pm Feb 17, 2008 EST

freeofecho says


Posted at 10:04pm Feb 17, 2008 EST

MineralMakeup says:

Please help me keep this thread up. A man is missing. oNe of our own etsy family members. The wife is 7 weeks pregnant and has a 4 and 2 year old besides.

Any donations to help this family would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Posted at 10:04 pm, February 17 2008 EST

Posted at 10:04pm Feb 17, 2008 EST

pushing up to help Christine's Family

Posted at 10:06pm Feb 17, 2008 EST

thank you very much.

Posted at 10:07pm Feb 17, 2008 EST

Lets keep this going..
What a great idea to donate all your sales to the family!
My God bless this family!

Posted at 10:08pm Feb 17, 2008 EST