Going Broke on Supplies

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Original Post

How does one avoid this?

I mean, obviously keeping your fingers crossed that they sale and you get some money back... but there are still so many things I need to get for my new venture and I am so over budget.

Anyone else in the same boat here... or have you organized a business plan?

Posted at 12:41am Feb 24, 2008 EST


I feel your pain, LL. :(

Posted at 12:42am Feb 24, 2008 EST

I'm planning to get a business license....
it seems like a good idea for purchasing wholesale supplies...

But as for right now, my sales aren't as steady as I'd like them to be....so I'm trying to watch my spending!!

but its soo hard!

Posted at 12:43am Feb 24, 2008 EST

railyuh says

I guess that's why they say it takes a few years for a business to turn a profit. I try to be reasonable and not overextend myself. I keep track of my expenses and sales so I know how far in the hole I am at the moment. When I find myself getting close to the even point I can spend a little more on supplies.

Posted at 12:44am Feb 24, 2008 EST

I ended up getting a second job! It IS at a bead store tho! ugh

Posted at 12:44am Feb 24, 2008 EST

spongetta says

I needed to do the business plan and keep a spreadsheet so I'm realistic about what I'm spending, and why.

Posted at 12:46am Feb 24, 2008 EST


definitely am hearing you!

I work at Michaels *doing the bookkeeping* and whenever I finish and get a chance, I meander around the store looking at the new supplies and what I could use... also I think of new ideas for my store...

hahaha... plus, I go to school *college*.. so no time for another job.. but I am broke! :)

Posted at 12:46am Feb 24, 2008 EST

I try to only buy supplies after I've made a sale.

Posted at 12:46am Feb 24, 2008 EST

Dreambelle says

I only just received my first sale so I can definitely say that the supply costs are killing me. Especially with a Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Joann's just down the street from me.

I'm already getting in the habit of keeping track of everything though, I'm hoping this will help me in the future when I am (crosses fingers) a success!

Posted at 12:46am Feb 24, 2008 EST

i feel ya!
i spent 40 bucks tonight on some fabric to make new things...

but i lovvvvveeeee fabric.

Posted at 12:47am Feb 24, 2008 EST