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Original Post

How do you get that clean crisp white background, or any perfectly solid background with no shadows at all? My photos aren't too bad, and i Have a nice high end camera, I just need to know how to do the background. Anyone know? or willing to tell?


Posted at 7:28am Feb 24, 2008 EST


lara514 says

I have been using a homemade system of an elmers cardboard trifold (big one) and a piece of foam poster board for the bottom. I am still working on trying to improve my pictures since this is the main representation of our products. Hope this helps some.

Posted at 7:38am Feb 24, 2008 EST

Do you have Photoshop? If so, here's how I do it

Take a picture with good lighting on a very contrasting color background. Then take your magnetic lasso tool and outline the item. Copy and paste it into a new canvas in the color of your choosing.

I personally like to add a little drop shadow. You can do that by clicking on the layer that has your item and then click on that little fancy "f" thing in the layer pallette and you'll see the option for drop shadow. Play around with it until you like it. Take a look at the second picture of this listing to see what I mean.

Posted at 7:39am Feb 24, 2008 EST

Here's my tutorial:

If you don't have photoshop, you can download Picasa for free from google. My tutorial shows taking pictures outside, but you can use a light box as well.

Posted at 7:40am Feb 24, 2008 EST

YadaYadaYada does her method very well, but there are many that do not. When it is done poorly, it looks obvious and fake. It can turn away buyers because they wonder what else you may have fixed in photoshop.

Posted at 7:43am Feb 24, 2008 EST

I agree LaPella, that one can Photoshop an image too much.

Posted at 7:46am Feb 24, 2008 EST

Yada, I thought it might have something to do with a graphics program. I have a GREAT program and I totally do that kind of thing all the time for my banner shop. I don't know why I didn't think of it.

I'm gonna go try some. Mind taking a look when I'm done?


Posted at 7:46am Feb 24, 2008 EST

I'll keep an eye out.

Posted at 7:46am Feb 24, 2008 EST

Good luck! Post here when you are done. I'll check back in a few hours.

Posted at 7:48am Feb 24, 2008 EST

danadezign says

Marking. Thanks for the photoshop tips!

Posted at 7:52am Feb 24, 2008 EST