I find this extremely rude

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katilady says

As a new etsian that particular post would have scared me off a little, had I seen it. When such large font is used and it's in red it feels like you are being yelled at. There are much better ways to handle the issue of multiple posts.

Also, as someone else said, I am having the dickens of a time searching for anything on these forums. So many irrelevant threads pop up that I eventually give up. *sigh*

Posted at 9:48 pm Feb 24, 2008 EST

I read it as a funny way to say - please don't start another thread on view counts! I don't find it offensive.

Posted at 9:57 pm Feb 24, 2008 EST

daniellexo says

It's not rude - just playful. You can read the written word in all different kinds of tones. Try to read it in a playful tone.

Posted at 9:59 pm Feb 24, 2008 EST

there is a lot going on in the forums sometimes just dropping an email to admin or reading the terms of use TOU at the bottom of the page can help with a lot of questions ....but as admin said earlier it was meant to be lighthearted .It surprised me as I've had another shop here on etsy for over a year and have never seen anything like that before ...Welcome to etsy katilady i am sure you'll get the hang of it.There are mentors here too that can help you find your way around .

Posted at 10:01 pm Feb 24, 2008 EST

stephaniek says

I'm just sayin'... newbies don't know the kind of tone to read it with.

Posted at 10:03 pm Feb 24, 2008 EST

Well i am so glad you made that clear daniellexo. Being in red and Big font confused me a little ....

Posted at 10:03 pm Feb 24, 2008 EST

I've never thought of it as rude.
We all see the world through our own filters, I guess.

Posted at 10:03 pm Feb 24, 2008 EST

Personally, I prefer the Stephen Colbert method:


Posted at 10:04 pm Feb 24, 2008 EST

well ... etsy folks keep complaining that they don't see (1) the search tips, (2) the directions for checkout, (3) the big red letters that tell you to check the forums before posting a new thread ... so etsy took everyone's advice ... and posted even larger red letters!

and for those of you who say ... oh, searching the forums is too difficult ... RD's thread about counts was the top first or second thread for 10 hours (so no need to search). folks didn't look, didn't read, didn't care.

folks are so quick to say when they feel etsy isn't being responsible, but so many sellers here seem to feel no responsiblity either. perhaps etsy needs more of such notes around the site....

Posted at 10:12 pm Feb 24, 2008 EST

kibbles says

I'll bet this was the top secret project that the engineers have been working on for 2 years. Is that why the views disappeared?

Posted at 10:22 pm Feb 24, 2008 EST

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