Serious money!

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Original Post

LoucheLab says

I've been taking my store seriously, posting everyday and promoting it for about 3 months now. I made about 70 sales and some money. Most of it was in paypal, then went into our bank account. I'm really happy about how things are going, mostly from a "people like my work enough to want it perspective".

However, today, I bought a new dell laptop and a new dell printer and I paid for both of them out of my paypal account. together they were about 750$.

It's all money that I made on Etsy. I'm so proud of myself, not just because people like my art, but because I'm making money out of making art - enough money to buy a printer and a lap top.

Though I do have another computer, it's the first time I'm buying a new computer for myself. I'm really excited about that as well.

Thank you Etsy for giving me the arena to make this happen. Also thank you for me for sticking to it any making this happen. I feel so empowered now it's almost scary!

Posted at 6:59pm Feb 25, 2008 EST


PussDaddy says

Congrats! Have fun with your new computer. I have a Dell too. Be sure to use that customer support, lol.

Posted at 7:00pm Feb 25, 2008 EST

Oh you're my idol. I want a new laptop too so hubby can have this one and we don't have to fight over it. Some day! :) (I want the pink dell!)

Posted at 7:00pm Feb 25, 2008 EST

man! thats cool!
I have $1.29 in my Paypal lol:)

Posted at 7:01pm Feb 25, 2008 EST

archengine says

Congrats! That's wonderful! I'm just looking to sell enough so I can buy something on my favorites list!!!

Posted at 7:01pm Feb 25, 2008 EST

adripratt says

wow! congratulations... that must have felt really good. I wish one day i will get there :)

Posted at 7:02pm Feb 25, 2008 EST

yay LoucheLab! that's my goal too, a laptop of my very own by the end of summer. thanks for sharing!!

Posted at 7:02pm Feb 25, 2008 EST

That is wonderful! Congratulations!

Posted at 7:02pm Feb 25, 2008 EST

That's great!! I've been using my Etsy money to pay off the computer I had to buy right after Christmas. It's great!

Posted at 7:02pm Feb 25, 2008 EST

ElaUniques says

congrats LoucheLab- I love your artwork !!
Enjoy your new computer :)

Posted at 7:02pm Feb 25, 2008 EST