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Original Post


Nothing like reporting only one side of an issue.

Posted at 1:32pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

Moving up once. Surprised at the lack of response. :)

Posted at 1:37pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

I haven't spent lot of time in the forums lately but I see more of the other compaint...stores being flagged for Etsy rule infringement and NOT being banned.Are you seeing many store/seller complaints about closed shops in the forums?

Posted at 1:44pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

I didn't see your original post. After seeing one thread from a person whose shop was closed, I have been highly disturbed by all of this. Now, if that FBI Cybercrime thing is true, I'm appalled anf genuinely frightened. So does this mean that, if you get one customer who does not get their order and complains to Etsy, you get a FBI criminal file?

Generally, I just see those threads get locked because it's a "private matter." Well, if the person whose shop was shut down wants to talk about it, isn't it their own private matter and their right to discuss it? I mean, can Target, for example, shut you up because you are complaining about an experience you had with them? We are their customers, so, it seems to me, that they have the same responsibilities to us as any company does to their customers. I do understand, that, in the end, this is their forum. However, shutting the threads down almost seems to me like a B&M store dispatching an employee to follow you around when your shopping to make sure you don't say anything bad about their policies if you were burned by one.

I think one of the more disturbing things is Etsy's lack of a public response to these issues. Perhaps that's why the article was "one-sided." The lack of a response upsets a lot of their other customers. However, if I'm wrong and they have addressed these issues, please direct me to the link. I'd love to hear what they have to say.

Posted at 1:49pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

Very interesting. Thanks for posting that, facingthetrend, that took some guts! :)

Posted at 1:49pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

andymathis says

I don't think closed shops are allowed to post in the forums, are they? isn't that considered a sock puppet, even if they have 2 legit shops?

Posted at 1:49pm Feb 26, 2008 EST


Posted at 1:51pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

No, they're not "allowed" to and they get locked. However, as I said, that makes things all the more disturbing to me. It's like, this horrible thing happened and it could happen to you, but we're not going to tell you why it happened or how you can protect yourself. We're just gonna let you wonder.

Posted at 1:52pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

SoCaliGirl says

That took some guts, but its a very real concern when the #3 seller is basically called a liar on why her shop was closed when she brought it here to the forums, only to find out it really was a snafu on the venue end of things and not the seller's fault at all! It may be one sided, but the stories referenced are very true.

Posted at 1:52pm Feb 26, 2008 EST